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20140721-133203-48723113.jpgEvery christmas it seemed The Wizard of Oz was on in our house during my childhood. As a small child it seemed so scary and sinister and i spent half the movie hiding behind a pillow. As i grew older of course it was more of an amusement, especially when I saw it in a more interesting light. To this day if I watch it , it takes me back to the age of 8 when I watched it for the first time and the fear momentarily resurfaces. Of course, it wasn’t until I was in my teens that I saw more into the story than was on the surface. Or maybe it was just my over active imagination !

We have the all powerful Wizard of Oz, a never seen all seeing father figure, almost supernatural and somewhat feared! A God to his people one might say…. sound familiar?

We have our main characters, the Lion, The Tin-man, the Scarecrow and Dorothy. They all want something but are told they need to help the Wizard and he will give them all  they want. The Lion wants courage, the Tin-man wants a heart, the Scarecrow want a brain, Dorothy just wants to go home! A powerful Wizard who needs humans to help him? Conditional help then? Still sound familiar?

So our little heroes go off and fight the Wicked Witch from the West (Satan?) They conquer their fears for the belief the Wizard will help them. What do they find when the return with the witches broom? Do they find a big and powerful Wizard of Oz? NO!!!! I hear you cry…..

They find merely a little man, hiding behind a curtain, with gadgets and gizmos not even magic to help him. He hides behind his curtain of lies… no real Wizard at all. A little man who invented a man made Wizard. Sound familiar?

Perhaps a man made God, written by a few early scholars to control the general population and preying on the fact they were like children in the earliest of mankind’s history. Fearful of everything in a hostile environment. An invented Wizard of the Skies…….

So what happened to our four little adventurers I hear you ask? They find their courage in their own deeds, they realise they have a heart in their empathy and love of each other, they realise they have used their brains to find out knowledge and truth and realise when Dorothy wakes up from the dream and into reality she is already home and should live life to the fullest. So no need for the Wizard of Oz after all !

Are we good parents if we teach our children about the good and evil in the bible… or do we teach them that this fear is not needed l and doesn’t really exist at all? The fear is of our own making in the unknown.

wonderful world birdDo we simply teach them to be confident human beings and to find their own path….


Click your heels 3 times.. and say… there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home………..


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