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imageI  received an interesting tweet the other day in reply to the picture I had posted above. Surprisingly, not from an American but a Brit !  That the meme above was wrong and should be taken in context (don’t you just love the word context coming from a theist) . The excuse being everything happened in this small area because it was the known centre of the world at that time!

Wow! I hear you say.. so the Bible being the word of God is untrue!  For surely he knew how big the universe was if he made it?  Or am I missing something here?  So a group of goat herders could only  see their known world? Now that makes sense… no supernatural being at all… just a group of animal sacrificing goat herders!! Got it!!

Interestlingly he thought nothing wrong in this hypothesis. I do find the theist species fascinating for their blind faith, indoctrination and brainwashing. It must be truly amazing to be so closed minded. It saddens me to think we are born with curiosity and spirit and religion dampens this. To think generation after generation this indoctrination is played out and can only be seen as child abuse. Strong words I hear you say… but alas so very true. If we thought of child abuse in the physical form we would be abhorred, so why then is mental abuse seen as okay within a religious form.  To prey on small children and form their minds without their knowledge can only be seen as such.

 To think a grown man with all the books and internet tools to explore would believe a myth invented by men can mean only one thing, that he has been brain washed from his youth. How many adults would believe in sky fairies and unicorns? Of talking horses and flying ants?You have to catch the moulding mind early to indoctrinate. This IS child abuse.


 I truly believe that the authors of the Bible fiction would be as amazed as we are by the fact that their novel is still going and believed, in an age where intellect and wisdom is freely available to all. The original authors would be astounded by the fact their religious hoax has lived so long. Of course they would have been aware of other religions around them and made theirs to fill their world view !! How many times have you heard that phrase from a theist “world view”. It makes me smile every time for obvious reasons. They pigeon hole themselves as idiots whenever they use it. They see “world view” as an atheistic stricture and narrow minded, it is of course a concept of german origin ” Weitanschauung – It is a concept fundamental to German Philosophy and epistemology and refers to a wide world perception.  Additionally, it refers to the framework of ideas and beliefs forming a global description through which an individual, group or culture watches and interprets the world and interacts…. sounds more like a theist point of view.. wouldn’t you say?

As atheists have no group structure of thought .. i.e. the only thing we have in common is our non belief in a deity how could we have a group world view. If anything we collectively have a respect for humanity and our fellow inhabitants on earth.  Apart from that we share nothing but have an affinity with each other

Religion has at one time or another been thought to fill four main roles in human life: explanation, exhortation, consolation and inspiration.  historically, religion aspired to explain our own existence and the nature of the universe in which we find ourselves. In this role it is now completely superseded by science.  – Richard Dawkins

Of course religion was invented to fill the gaps in these four points. As humans no matter how basic in the beginning of time…. we would need these answers. We always have a need to know!

Explanation – Theists  are not happy to think we live, we die… thats it. We have to have a higher reason to be here. How pathetic. We are here as all animals are here they are born, exist and die. We are no higher than they.. simple

Exhortation– the moral instruction on how we ought to behave…. this does not take religion… simple

Consolation – Theists cannot live with the fact we die and that is the end….why is it so difficult to realise… or is it just their fear?. regardless of their belief… we die…simple

Inspiration – Theists get their inspiration from a biblical mythology or an imaginary friend atheists get their inspiration from the fact we have one life and we should make the most of it … simple

To go back to the original comment from a twitter theorist. We are saying the known universe was in a small area of the Middle East where 2% of the population resided. Does this make sense to anyone? A God that made mankind and the universe.. decided to only acknowledge that 2% …. come on… lets wake up… smell the coffee….

So we are saying the majority of the western world, in choosing Christianity have chosen a religion where their God doesn’t realise they exist? Food for thought people.

Come on … you don’t really believe all that?……… Do you ?image


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