imageTouched by a Genie….and a Hollywood Legend

Oh my friends what a week we have had, and how the sadness weighs me down.

How you ask can we be so affected by a famous face deciding life has become too much? How could we not have noticed?

I can answer very simply they affect us in so many ways…. We watch a movie and it carries us back to the age we were when we first saw it and when that person dies it is like that has been taken away from us. We remember relatives we were with, that have died and we remember them also. Such wonderful memories of sharing family time watching a Robin Williams movie. My children are all grown up now but I remember Mrs Doubtfire and now will never be the same.

Why is it so many famous actors who larger than life and the funniest of all… Suffer from depression… Peter Sellers , Dudley Moore to name but two. Charlie Chaplin always seemed in reality to be a sad individual…..

imageThen i wake up this morning to find Lauren Bacall has died and the memories of watching her movies with my now dead grandparents is almost too much…

Theists im sure wonder how we deal with it all without believing in an afterlife  how can we bear it…. We remember these wonderful people… They live on in our memories… And we have only to to watch their movies and they are there once again

Thank you both for such wonderful movies and you will never be forgotten………



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