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Please welcome my guest blogger Mr Anil Kumar who can also be found on twitter as @anil_95054.  I have the honour of being a close friend of Anil’s for almost 15 years and his loyalty and friendship have never wavered despite having to put up with my opinionated overtures  over the years. Our friendship gets stronger year by year and we have supported each other for so long it is second nature for us both. We have had many ups and downs in life but have been there for each other through them all. I value you him as  the special human being he is and will always be to me…. 

Please enjoy and comment…… 


I have been following every discussion and the war of words between the theists and atheists.  I wonder why it is that the theists shout it loud saying that religion is the ultimate and they go directly to heaven after death.  Has anyone seen what heaven is all about? By fighting out about religion we are simply missing out on living on our earth called heaven and have made it a hell to live in.  All in the name of religion… In my personal opinion heaven and hell are what we make right here, when we are alive and not after we die.

I as a  person believe in god, i am a follower of Hindu.

Now let me tell you a little bit about Hinduism.  Hinduism is not about religion, it is a way of life.  When a person says he is a follower of Hinduism, he means to say that he follows a way of life.  Unfortunately the sadhus and saints have twisted Hinduism into a religion.  We have seen large scale conversion happening and people being forcibly converted to Christianity and Islam, especially in a country like India. Conversion is rampant, but you will not find Hindus converting other people into Hinduism, because it isn’t a religion, but a way of life.  If you look at every ritual practiced it is connected to science in one way or the other, like for example, Hindus fast once every 15 days, it is basically to detox and gives rest and cleanses the stomach. Another example, is the East side is considered to be auspicious for the reason being the sun rises in the east each morning and the morning rays are supposed to be effective with lots of positive energy, to keep the person energetic the whole day.

Having said that I never discuss about religion or god with others.  Each one has their own beliefs, so respect it.  In my neighbourhood we have Muslims on one side and Christians on the other side.  During each festival be it Hindu, Ramadan or Christmas, we exchange pleasantries, share sweets among others and have never once fought over our religious differences.  I have friends from all communities and have also atheist friends, we meet have fun and up to now we never have discussed religion or faith.  I believe to each his own.  I have equal respect as much as I have to my theist and atheist friends.  I never judge a person by their faith or belief.

I believe in science and will definately never discuss about Darwin’s theory of evolution and connect science and religion. Science and religion are poles apart.  I find it funny when people connect science and religion.  The reason i find it funny is because religion works on faith and belief and science is facts and truth.

I strongly disagree with the people who propagate religion in public and try to prove that their religion is best.  I strongly condemn people, who make people fight amongst each other in the name of religion.  If this is what religion means,  then do we really need this religion?

Birth and death is not in our hands and in between birth and death people in the name of religion have made this place for sure a hell to live in. Why can’t we live in peace and harmony, give respect to each other, lend that helping hand to the needy.  At the end of the day I am a human first and value human relations and humanity.  It doesn’t matter if a person is of any caste, colour, community or creed.  Give respect to each and all.

Finally to conclude, all a person needs is a quiet little place to rest and needs a space as little as 6 feet by 3 feet………



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