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imageWow… This week has been a bitch hasn’t it?  It has been hard to avoid the issue of Ferguson in the news and yet again the US is seen in a bad light by the rest of the world.  We look at scenes that if not explained we would assume were in the Gaza strip, Syria or Iraq.  How can a country who prides itself on being a leader of the free world act in such a way to its citizens?  I am speechless. What will it take for the US to realise ….. they are doing it wrong!!!

I first came across the laws of the US in a documentary series by Alan Whicker and was the first time I had heard of the 2nd Ammendment and still to this day it makes no sense. Its an alien world to the rest of us that they wish to keep a law started in 1791 based on an English law of 1698. We have moved on why can’t they! An amendment that might have made sense in the Wild West doesn’t really hold water now. We are not living in the frontier world of 250 years ago hopefully we have laws that are there to protect its citizens.  Alas if you are watching the news on Ferguson you would be forgiven in thinking that the people are the enemy of the government!

Why am I discussing this when i am not an American?  Good question!  But when I see that america has the highest rates of gun crime and that a black man is killed by an cop every 28 hours in the US, that we see such craziness as Ferguson on our TV screens, we realise the US need to wake up!

What is it about the paranoia of the US, that they focus on the wrong issues:-

  • The right to bear arms
  • Religion – and its control
  • gay marriage
  • Abortion

When they should focus on :-

  • Healthcare
  • Racism issues
  • Minimum wage
  • Education
  • Womens rights

So how come they go on and on about the rights off an unborn child and they disregard the rights of children in our world right now!  Are they not important.. once born you fend for yourself?  And how can you be pro-life and pro-gun? This makes no sense.  A progressive and civilised society cares for and protects the weaker members… i see no evidence of this in the US.image

Persecution of minorities seems to be the order of the day. The police seem corrupt and racist. Religion seems to breed hatred and contempt for anyone not part of their cult.  I watched a documentary the other day on the KKK and i must say it was scary. I had read of this group from its beginnings after the American Civil War and that it had grown in the 1920’s to take in a large number of the population but had died out due to corruption.  However, this is now a growing movement in the US and even worse has included groups from the White Supremacists and also Nazi involvement. The hidden agenda is clear and racism is on the rise…. this needs to be addressed.

I doubt America has any idea of what the rest of the world thinks of them, or even if it cares. However , they are loosing all credibility with their antics around the world and their big brother attitude with no consequence.  From their almost childish political stance to the rubbish spouted about Obama, from their talk of teaching creationism in schools, to their archaic ideas on abortion , racism and  women’s rights.  Its not looking good guys.

I don’t see freedom in a county that isn’t safe to walk the streets in, or  a country where people cannot afford decent healthcare, or where you cannot be happy in whichever choice of partner you have, where in some States an atheist cannot hold office …… where is the freedom in that? When a 90 year old holocaust survivor is arrested by police for protesting….. not good!



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