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imageWell I decided to step back from engaging fruit loops as it was becoming an increasing pointless exercise.  There are only so many times you can listen to the same pathetic questions!  They never listen to the answers and persist in asking questions impossible to answer in 140 characters. Their stupidity bounces back at them at every turn. If they were really interested they would research themselves!  Anyway , how  did stepping back from twitter work out for me?….. I lasted a week hahahhaha

You can all blame @davidhughes109 for my lack of silence, as a theist troll was being rude to him and that was not acceptable.  I was in the middle of a conversation with my fellow atheist friends on hangouts when the twitter pop up appeared.  David was being his usual patient self but i could hear his sigh of exasperation over the ether, as he was being subject to abusive language which was totally uncalled for!

But this attack made me wonder as we get a lot of theists complaining of atheist anger.  they seem to misconstrue debating with anger, but hey, we know they aren’t the brightest… otherwise why would they be religious right?

This brought me round to the question – why do they like to engage atheists?….. is it an inner anger at their omnipotent gods?  They are like petulant children who attack the intelligent who have freedom and they resent that they have not!

So …… back to my friend and the fruit loop, you may know of him as @BanDawkins or more familiarly as his now suspended account ( i wonder why lol) @banatheism.  Sadly his vocabulary seems to be limited to “cretin” so eventually we yawn and leave him to his padded cell.  However, on this occasion I decided a different tactic was called for.

Sometimes you just get someone with so much anger eating at them you feel sorry for them.  His vitriol to strangers borders on bullying people he has never met and doesn’t know, his anger was astounding.  I decided he needed a hug and sent a message out to every one to send him a cute and cuddly pic! I mean surely we could get this guy to smile and realise we are not all baby eating monster right? ( well okay maybe only on sundays )

imageWhat was the reaction….. wow…. even more anger! His level of acidic stupidity was off the charts! Im sure Freud would have found him fascinating a cute kitten he equated to as a baby mouse murderer, a cute puppy? the response was that Andy was a weirdo, what a mind huh?  Sadly there are many like him, who seem to live in their bubble of self-delusion, their hatred of anyone not believing their bullshit borders on paranoia. Lets be clear this is an individual with hatred towards another human being for deigning to be different!

They love to turn the argument to atheist hate – but I have yet to find an angry atheist who shows such meanness of spirit to another person- unless provoked by personal attacks.  But wait a minute are these theist trolls we deal with, actually maybe the ones on the precipice. Are these the ones on the edge of freedom? Their anger is misplaced, they are angry at their gods inability to exist and help them with their questions.Why else would they seek us out? Curious huh? They are almost free they just don’t know it! So why don’t they stay in their cocoon and just engage in conversation with theists, why seek us out? So we have it they are teenagers about to grow up …… and hopefully face reality.

imageWhat they show us is how religion breeds a negative mindset, an intolerance to others and a lack of empathy for their fellow man that is not within their religious cult. Imagine if they used all that negative energy to search out answers instead of waiting time cherry-picking their beliefs? Their confirmation bias is hilarious, they throw out baseless comments with no basis in fact. I guess their beliefs are fictitious so why would they use facts against us?  Silly me hahhahaha

People like @BanDawkins @postal16 @joecienowski @myirrel and too  many others to name, actually make me feel sorry for them. These are individuals with no happiness in their lives… how do I know this….. but they are so filled with hatred they would never recognise happiness. They believe that their life will begin when they die… which fills me with such sadness for their wasted lifetime.

Theists be aware when you engage in attacking us your childish manner makes us laugh. You may want to rethink your offensive strategy!!!


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