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Please welcome return guest blogger and amazing poet @ashleighgodsell.

The poem i’ve chosen for your blog this week is one which i wrote a while ago infact – on sensitive issues i feel strongly about.

It had been published on an anti-bullying website months ago, which I was pleased about and hoped that it may have helped someone get through hardship and I hope that it may do so again by being posted on this blog.  It can be applied to many topics, depression, bullying, suicide etc….

“You’re in this,

“You’re consumed by it,

The Pit of the abyss,

The depth of destructiveness,

The only one you fault is,

The despair squid leads to darkness,

The fear brings about paralysis,

The deadly state one face’s

Just couldn’t see an escape,

Really couldn’t see anyway,

We could have ended the race,

You couldn’t bring yourself to say,

So nobody knew yournself-hate,

That mirrored reflection; like mace

But the sunlight will come around,

See it out until the next sundown,

Every day is a ray of horror,

Never stop imagining the brighter tomorrow…….”


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