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imageJust when you think the US can’t get any crazier we hear of a 9 year old girl in Arizona accidentally killing her gun instructor with an Uzi! I mean you couldn’t make this shit up!

Let’s put aside for a moment the downright lunacy of the 2nd Amendment , but hey, does anyone else put allowing children to use fire arms up there with child abuse and religious indoctrination? Isn’t it the role of a parent to protect their children?  Would you put a 9 year old behind the wheel of a car and let them speed down the highway? Okay…. too much?  Too fucking bad and anyway your getting where I’m coming from right?

To the rest of the world we are standing on the shore looking over the pond with our mouths open…. completely dumb-founded at the goings on in The States right now and what you guys get up to in the name of  freedom. I mean does it not strike you as wrong Mr America?  Ummm? Do you really want to live in a culture where this becomes commonplace?  Because you know it will!… No, you say. Okay lets give you a few more incidents….. you ready?

  • 8 year old Christopher Bizilj accidentally shot himself in the head with an Uzi at a gun range in 2011
  • April 2013, Tennessee Deputy Sheriff Daniel Fanning had some friends over for a BBQ and was showing off his gun collection when his 4 year old nephew wandered in, picked up a loaded gun and shot the lawman’s wife dead.
  • Justin Stanfield Thomas was not long back from Iraq when his 4 year old picked up a loaded hand gun , asked him what it was and shot his father in the head.  His son later said “Daddy got blood on him”
  • 33 year old Michael Bayless was shot dead by his 3 year old, who had found a loaded .45 as the family watched Television.

should i go on?

imageThe US is slipping further and further away from the reality we all know and for once we can’t blame religion!  There is a growing feeling of the individual in America believing he  is above the law  and should take the law into his own hands  answerable to no authority.  The dangers there ,but its not coming from Islam its within their own communities!You have a growing KKK movement with training camps set up like US Army bases training idiots to use machine guns .   Alan Whicker once asked a gun shop owner in Houston way back in the 70’s (the then gun ownership capital in The States) why he felt everyone should have a gun?  His reply was well if an armed robber entered your home you wouldn’t call the cops would you? What could they do?  What a sad state of affairs and shows what people really think of the effectiveness of the police force in  America. Well of course now with the Ferguson issue I’m not too keen on the cops in the US now either but thats another story…….

I had a strange conversation with an American on twitter yesterday. I thought him strange for agreeing with the 2nd Amendment and he though i was completely barmy ( apologies a british slang word) for not thinking it was a mans right to bear arms ( in this century? …. 200 years ago i would have agreed with him)  but we move on right? His 3 main reasons for believing it a good thing were these :-

  • Self  protection
  • Prevent Government Tyranny (yikes)
  • He thought if 80% of the population carried guns, there would be almost no robberies

Wow! I feel so much safer already living this side of the pond!  I countered on several occasions to say we are not massacred in our beds every night for not having weapons. That we feel safer knowing the likelihood of a robber being armed in the UK was slim but i knew i was talking to a one way street.  The discussion carried on and i will say we were both calm and civil and giving our perspectives.  However, I cannot understand why they see gun ownership as a positive thing and even a preventative measure.  Take a look at Europe and the level of  murders by firearms.

imageIf we compare the top countries in the World with gun murder we see The States is in 26th .. But take a closer look at those countries and it doesn’t look so good.

Now take a look at developed countries?  The States gallops ahead and this isn’t the Kentucky Derby its not a good thing.  If we look and judge a country on those statistics then The States should not be classed as a developed country…..

Please, please, please the next time you want to take the kids out for an evening, drive past the Bullets and Burgers and turn into Toys ‘R’ Us!



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