imageWell I don’t know about anyone else, but life is, shall we say getting uncomfortable in the UK.  We seem to be getting an inflated Muslim problem and before you take umbrage at my use of the word  ‘problem’. Im saying it as I see it!

Is is very easy for me to close my eyes to all this, as I am in a relatively calm part of the UK and where the Muslim population comprises of only 2%. It would be simple to keep quiet and not get involved, and as we see on social media, whenever people like Richard Dawkins speak out, they are labelled racist and Islamaphobes!  But you know what?  Social media has brought this into my home and I’m not ok with it!  And I won’t stay quiet!

In an age of political correctness somewhere along the line the government and police have forgotten about our rights, our freedom of speech, our security.  Somewhere along the way we have become the aliens in our own country.  We are the ones prosecuted for peaceful demonstrations of our rights! Our rights have taken a back seat………

The actions of the Muslim’s in our communities are making it hard for us to ignore:-

  • Muslim Faith Schools – Teaching Muslim extremism
  • Sale of Halal Meat – in mainstream stores and fast food outlets unmarked as such
  • British Muslims fighting on the side of terrorists in the Middle East
  • Rotherham – Child abuse and sex grooming

When our national news is taken up with British Muslims training for IS, and our children are being groomed for child prostitution by Pakistani Muslims, we need to step up and say no more!!!  This is not a muslim country and we do not treat our women and children that way! WE DO NOT!

Not only am I disgusted with the Rotherham atrocities, I am completely appalled by the fact that it covers a period of abuse over 16 years and involves 14,000 cases!  That it was knowingly covered up by the council and police force. Why and how did they cover it up?

  • Fear of appearing racist trumped the interests of the children
  • Certain pakistani councillors asked social workers to reveal addresses of the shelters where some of the girls were in hiding
  • Front line youth workers, who submitted reports in 2002,2003 and 2006 expressing their alarm at the scale of the offences were told to keep quiet about the ethnicity of the perpetrators in the interest of “community cohesion”
  • On one occasion the police entered a house where an under age girl was alone with a group of Pakistani men and the only person arrested was the girl for being drunk!
  • On other occasions police were known to turn a blind eye when stopping a car a young girl was inside with several Pakistani men….

Moving forward we need to make sure this is not suppressed, that not only are the perpetrators prosecuted but also the people involved in covering up this whole case of abuse.  Police forces now need to be scrutinised over the possibility of failing to act because of anxiety over appearing racist.

Let us not be as guilty as the catholic church and hide these disgusting individualsimage

AND IN MORE NEWS  :- Cameron and Clegg hold terror talks on the rise of IS and discuss new measures to tackle the threat posed by Islamic extremists.  Hopefully to propose new powers to stop would be terrorists from travelling abroad.

To put it more clearly any Muslims spending their “gap year” massacring people in the Middle East should not be allowed back into the UK period ( my opinion)

I have recently noticed more and more people following me relating to my tweets on Gaza/Israel and  the Rotherham Abuse Case.  This makes me a little uncomfortable as their bio’s seem stronger in tone to my own – this isn’t to say I disagree with all they say – but we do make strange bedfellows.  Or it shows the state of mind of the people in the UK in relation to the Muslim issue.  I cannot reconcile the policies however of UKIP to my ideologies, however i can understand the many people who are forced to lean that way because of our apathetic government!

From my point of view I have no issues with the Muslim’s living peaceably in our country, but if they want to live here they should abide by our rules and strictures.  If you want to follow your religion to the letter, follow sharia law etc…….




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