imageWhat a question right?  Of course some might say its a matter of opinion. Atheists can usually put three items on their resume:-

  • FREE THINKER                a person who forms opinions on the basis of  reason, independent of authority or tradition.
  • CRITICAL THINKING     the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue to form a judgement.
  • OPEN- MINDED                being receptive to new ideas, it relates to the way you approach the views and knowledge of others.

This is to say three qualities we don’t associate with theists as a rule.  Over the past week however, it seems to have regularly come up in discussions.  Theists see themselves as free thinkers. Seems a complete contradiction, doesn’t it ?  If they had told me they were all fluent in Mandarin I couldn’t have been more surprised!

Do we have the monopoly on free thinking?  Well for a start the term originates from the end of the 17th century in England, to describe people who opposed the institution of the church.

So I guess we do!

THE FREE-THINKER – The first British Monthly Journal for Atheists,  Secularists,  Free- thinkers, Rationalists and Humanists. Founded by G W Foote in 1881. ( an interesting read)

So lets move onto to critical thinking.  How can they evaluate new ideas and knowledge when, by their own faith they have to ignore any that would contradict their belief systems? A case in point would be Ken Ham and his Creationist Museum. Detrimental to knowledge and learning when they distort the truth to fit their fictional novel.  That creationism is still taught in schools as fact is a joke!  Thankfully in the UK evolution is taught as fact and creationism is a myth, so we need not worry creationism will not be making a come back any time ever.

So onto being open-minded. How can a theist possibly be so?  It is impossible to be open-minded when your mind set is fixed on a 2000 year old mythology written for and by goat herders.  Religion and their texts are firmly held in a 2000 year old limbo. To open your mind and move forward in a world full of ideas and knowledge would mean stepping away form your sky fairy.

The reality is, if you begin to open your mind to the world , the possibilities are endless and the bible merely a story book of ignorance.

Now come on, open your eyes I know you can do it………….



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