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UnknownPlease welcome my very good friend Mr Mubarak Bala and his first guest blog for me in answer to guest blogger Mr Hazer Ali.

Salamu Alaikum Mr Hazer Ali, I read your article on the above mentioned subject, and it captivated me, that the picture you painted of Islam appears to be conciliatory with secularism and progress, but I think you were only selective with the choice of verses and purposefully put them mildly and where they don’t belong, as if  Islamic fanaticism and fundamentalism was not derived thereof, or that the nations running a legal system based on the Sharia’a like Sudan, Iran and Saudi Arabia are misguided and not really practicing the real sharia.

Fact is, my friend, Political Islam is the real system entrenched by God ( as imagined) not secularism, the sharia is not man-made as you mistakenly asserted, it is god-given laws that mufti’s interpret via extraction them the Qur’an hadith and isnaad, study the ‘ usuulul-sharia’ and ‘usuulul-fiqh’, you will see how sharia is derived.  The fact that people like me will be killed in a Sharia setting, only for saying we no longer believe in imagined gods that no one ever saw or sees tells a lot about the Sharia, mind you,  all this is  backed up by hadiths and verses.  Practically, many have been killed over these and many other such commands by god, like stoning’s to death and beheadings, not just by terrorists but by governments under the system, for sins like sorcery and 30 minute sex.  It is the prophet who commanded “man baddala deenahu faqtuluuh” whoever abandons the faith , kill him”  Such coming from a man that also escaped injustice from his people to Medina, because they were also trying to kill him for leaving their ancestral religion of idol worship, if what they did was injustice, what do you think he commanded?  When his new religion found a solid footing.  The same man commanded that little lizard (wall geckos) be killed for conniving to harm Abraham 1000’s of  years before him, and to this day, Muslims kill these lizards in line with his command, and it is not frowned upon, it is a command by the prophet, who in turn takes ‘wahyi’, revelations from god.  These things make sense to every believer. Not anymore to me!

If people can kill lizards without question, then we should not be surprised if they kill fellow humans under the same command.  Ever wondered why terrorists love to kill people?  It is the language of the Qu’ran, in numerous verses, “.. kill them wherever you find them… fight them… kill them, Allah is torturing them in your hands…kill them until there is no opposition, until gods religion reigns supreme” – ‘wa lay karihal kafirun.’  All these and many more instances are in the book.

Now, on the possibility on Islam ever being Secular, I’ll draw your attention to the verses that say in 3 places, “wa man lam yahkum bimaa anzhalallahu, fa’ulaa’ika humul – faasiquun” in other verses, ” humus-zhalimuun” and “humul-kafiruun”.   That is, Allah is warning: whoever does not rule and judge with what Allah hath send down (the sharia) he is an infield, a transgressor and a wicked person.  I know you know all of these verses, if you are as well verses as you say, i won’t quoted all of them to utilise space .

So you see, Islam and the Sharia are not compatible with Secularism.  Muslims wherever they are, are expected to live/act strictly as how Allah decree, otherwise, they are also infidels as the above verse decreed, that’s why terror groups do not discriminate between a moderate, secular or liberal Muslim and other Infidels, in their eyes you guys are all culpable in trying to dilute their faith, thats why they kill both you and us.  I assure you they ( these murderous) terrorists, Mullahs and fundamentals are the real Muslims, you guys are only practician some part of the faith, not as it is, 1400 years ago.  the Qu’ran challenges people like you once again, “ada tu’minuuna bi ba’dhil kitaabi wa takfuruuna bi ba’adh” that ” will ye the O believers, practice/believe at all”

So you either practice as the Saudi’s and Iranians or Sudanese and her in Norther Nigeria and Somalian governments do, or you know that you are not really good Muslims as expected of you.  Come to think of it, were the Prophet and his followers to come to meet us today, do you think they’ll join the ISIS or liberal Muslims like you in the comfort of your cars?

Let me take our readers back in history, to compare what early Muslims were doing in Arabia.  Initially, when they did not have the numbers, they were calling it peace and tolerance, but when they gathered enough momentum and were on solid footing, defensive wars of Badr and Uhud and Khandaq, became offensives in Mu’tah, in Khaybar, in Hunayn, in Tabook, a whole tribe of Jews in Medina were slaughtered, banu Qurayzah, for contemplating joining the confederates at battle of Khandaq.  Their women and children were taken slaves, their property, armoury, cattle distributed as war booty.  I always laugh at religious people who pray god (as imagined) free the Chibook girls of Nigeria, millions were enslaved for thousands of years, and religions created more, this god never freed anyone, now you had it so good that there is no more slavery, you call on god (as imagines) to free 200, assume he exists, her permits it, allowed sex with them ( .. awl hafizhuna furuujahum, illaa li azwahihim, aw maw malakat aymanihim”) meaning “those who remain chaste, pious,only having sex with their wives or what their right hand possess, meaning slavegirls” other instances, if you can’t afford a wife, take a slave girl, all in the Qur’an as in the Old Testament.  We don’t hate you guys, we just hate the system you subscribe too.

In conclusion, you can see why people like me will have to leave religion, for if we really want humanity, we cannot follow any gods, Muslim god, Jewish god, Christian god etc.  They all want humanity divided, we realised with science we need no archaic laws and books to guide us, especially coming from an alleged creator of the human body that never knew of something called the brain, but would mistake it for the heart, a god that would mistake the moon and sun to be the same size, and that the sun sets in the ocean.  The best quote I always enjoyed is by Christopher Hitchens who said :-







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