PC crazy cat¬†Godless Mom nominated me for this TMI Tag.. so my questions are below….¬†

 1  What are you wearing?    

  • ¬† ¬† Still in bed – so guess

2  Ever been in love?

  • Yes Four times

3  Ever had a terrible break up?

  • Yes

4  How tall are you?

  • 5’2″

5  How much do you weigh?

  • around 9 stone ( sorry useless with kilos)

6  Any Tattoos?

  • No

7  Any piercings?

  • Yep. My ears – but i never remember to put any earrings in

8  OTP

  • Tough one. Richard Dawkins , the pope and a copy of the God Delusion

9  Favourite Show

  • Cosmos, Game of Thrones and any History Documentaries

10  Favourite Bands?

  • 2cellos, Otis Taylor and Tool

11  Something you miss?

  • My grandparents, my youth and lost friends

12  Favourite Songs?

  • Hurt by Johnny Cash, 10 million slaves by Otis Taylor and Back in Black by 2cellos.

13  How old are you?

  • March 1967 28 ¬†(you do the math)

14  Zodiac sign

  • Aries

15  Quality you look for in a partner?

  • Intelligence, gentleness and patience

16  Favourite Quote

  • Theology is ignorance with wings – Sam Harris

17  Favourite Actor?

  • Robert De Niro, Robert Redford and Meryl Streep

18  Favourite Colour?

  • Red

19  Loud music or soft?

  • depends on my mood.

20  Where do you go when your sad?

  • I hibernate and sleep the day away hoping tomorrow will be better.

21  How long does it take you to shower?

  • On my own? ten minutes

22  How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

  • 20 minutes tops

23  Ever been in a physical fight?

  • yes when i was young and foolish and only the once

24  Turn on?

  • Intelligence and a killer smile

25 Turn off?

  • Idiots and aggression

26  The reason i joined Utube?

  • I hadn’t realised i did hahahha

27  Fears?

  • Spiders and heights ( they both terrify me)

28  Last thing that made you cry?

  • A friend walked away from me recently….

29  Last time you said you loved someone?

  • Last Friday

30  Meaning behind your tube name?

  • Name: Naradee12 ¬† mix of my real name Deana Naraparaju and the date i started my yahoo account

31  Last book you read?

  • Stephen King 11:22:63

32  The book you are currently reading?

  • Tough i read more than one at a time. Paullina Simon – The Bronze Horseman and Richard Dawkins Unweaving the Rainbow

33  The last show you watched?

  • The Tudors

34  Last person you talked to?

  • Kiya – my daughter this morning

35  The relationship between you and the person you last texted?

  • Frankie my twitter Sis

36  Favourite Food?

  • Caesar Salad

37  Places you want to visit?

  • Jamaica, Nigeria and New Zealand

38  Last place you were?

  • Museum Gardens

39  Do you have a crush?

  • No

40  Last time you kissed someone?

  • A long time I can’t remember

41   Last time you were insulted?

  • Last Friday

42  Favourite flavour of sweet?

  • Lindt chocolate any flavour

43  What instruments do you play?

  • Bass

44  Favourite piece of jewellery?

  • My brown crystal swarovski necklace

45  Last sport you played?

  • Badminton

46  Last song you sang?

  • 46 and 2 by Tool

47  Favourite chat up line?

  • Never used one

48  Have you ever used one?

  • lol. See above

49  last time you hung out with anyone?

  • Last week. Andy part of my twitter family and awesome

50  Who should answer these questions next?

  • ¬†@frankiebird01 ( Frankie you owe me a guest blog !)



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