imageIn the twitter world there is one group of people that stand out among all others for their intolerance of others. It is the Christian Americans. In fact, they seem to be the American majority that tend to interact with me.  Of course, as Europe is pretty much for all intents and purposes a secular society, the European theists seem to be more tolerant of our differences, in a live and let live mentality that i like.

The Christian Americans, however, are adamant we are all going to hell and that the U.S. is the new promised land!  Did anyone send that memo to Jesus?

However, it is very obvious and without question that they are the most religious of all the developed nations. Curious, huh?  If you pose this question to them, they will always answer with their historical Puritan forebears.  But this doesn’t really cut if, we all have a religious  history, just the other developed countries have evolved and moved on.  Good education  and knowledge  tends to do that and if you haven’t,it is your fear keeping you in the dark ages.

As i see it the main reasons why countries world wide would still have religion as a major influence are:-

  • A poor education system
  • Poverty
  • Poor welfare system
  • Insecurity
  •  fear of death

All of the above are common in third world countries and are prominent American society, do we need to re-classify the U. S.?

imageAmericans feel less secure economically, in health and well-being.  This provides a fertile ground for religion.  We can also point out that the poorer of the population tend to vote republican, – who are interested in concentrating the wealth towards the already affluent in their society. Republicans appeal to their religious propensity. They keep the theist population on their perpetual wheel of poverty, You suffer now and your god will reward you in heaven. How’s that working out for you? Religion doesn’t help it makes you accepting of your circumstances and creates an even more apathetic society.

The Education system in the U.S. is actually in decline, when you look at international comparisons.  The health and welfare services are in free fall and the average life expectancy is on a par with the third world country Costa Rica!

When we look at a recent poll on people who say they are actively religious we find more interesting statistics state by state:-

  • Mississippi 58%
  • Utah 56%
  • Alabama 56%
  • Louisiana 53%
  • Arkansas 52%
  • S. Carolina  52%
  • Tennessee 50%
  • N. Carolina 50%
  • Georgia 48%
  • Oklahoma 48%
  • Texas 47%
  • S. Dakota 46%
  • Kentucky 45%
  • Idaho 45%
  • Nebraska 44%
  • New Mexico 43%
  • Indiana 43%
  • Missouri 42%
  • W. Virginia 42%
  • N. Dakota 42%
  • Iowa  41%
  • Pennsylvania 40%
  • Ohio 38%
  • Minnesota 38%
  • Illinois 38%
  • Florida  38%
  • Maryland 37%
  • Wisconsin 37%
  • Michigan 37%
  • Arizona 37%
  • New Jersey 35%
  • Delaware 35%
  • California 35%
  • Montana 34%
  • Colorado 34%
  • Wyoming 33%
  • New York 32%
  • Hawaii 32%
  • Nevada 31%
  • Alaska 31%
  • Connecticut 31%
  • Washington 31%
  • Dist of Colombia 30%
  • Rhode Island 29%
  • Oregan 29%
  • Massachusetts 27%
  • Maine 24%
  • New Hampshire 23%
  • Vermont 19%

Interesting to note the top 10 spots are all in the south and bible belt country.  Also interesting is that the highest crime rates are also in the bible belt. Religious morality is a bitch isn’t it hahaha.  The largest population of murderers come from Tennessee.

In fact the bible belt leads in divorce, murder, teen pregnancy and STD’s. So much for religion huh?  yet another indicator that a secular society is a better society!

On researching this post I accidentally stumbled on the (USCIRF) – US Commission for International Religious Freedom which is currently awaiting re-authorisation through the US congress.  This is a US government commission dedicated to defending the universal right to freedom of religion or belief abroad.  It will raise awareness of discrimination, harassment and persecution for their faith.

Let us be clear here, this is not a humanitarian organisation, but really a promotion of religion.  Apparently this commission says 84% of the worlds population believes in a deity

My answer?… show me these figures!

Despite the fact that the U.S is classed as a developed country, and despite their wealth,their affluence is unfairly distributed.  This is an inequality that keeps the poorer of the society enslaved to a religious ideology that their government encourages.

And until they make it illegal to refuse atheists the ability to hold office in all states, they are never going to have a fair society and the rest of the world looks on and sees if you will wake up out of your religious stupor and join the rest of the secularly developed world…………



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