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imageWell, last week was one of those weeks where twitter had a mind of its own, and creationism discussions seemed to dominate my timeline, and so without further ado I go with what is being discussed and decided to do a 101 on creationism. Who knows maybe next week the Flat Earthers will be out in force and i can do a follow up. hahahhhaa. For anyone unaware of what creationist believe:-

CREATIONISM  – is the belief that the universe and all life originates and was created by God through magic.

CREATIONIST SCIENCE – Christians attempting to reconcile inconsistencies between a literal reading of the bible and science.  Creation science is a direct response to concerns of believers who see their faith is indefensible as being at odds with science.

         WELL ________ HELLO ….


  • RELIGION – They can be of any religion from Christianity to Pastafarianism
  • GENESIS –  Young Earth Creationists believe Genesis is historically and scientifically accurate. No one else does!
  • AGE OF THE EARTH -most sane people realise the earth is billions of years old. Creationists believe the Earth is 6,000    years old.
  • IDENTITY OF A CREATOR – Biblical creationists believe it to be God of the Bible. Extra=terrestrial creationists (Raelism) believe life was a result of alien invasion ( For any creationists laughing at the last comment – now you know how we feel about your stupidity )


They accept a conventional Earth age of 4.5 billion years ( known as deep time) as has been known since the 19th Century.  They also accept the dating methods of radiometric dating and ice-core dating.  However, they believe life was deliberately created by a religious deity.


They reject the scientific consensus on the age of the earth in favour of the dating of creation in the Bible.  Their whole faith is a literal belief in the Bible.  Young creationists acknowledge parts of evolution. When they are denying what is staring them in the face and is too complicated  for them to begin to argue against they term it micro-evolution, but reject abiogenesis and common descent. Convenient huh? Of course their whole hypothesis goes against proven scientific fact. However, as we are coming to accept with theists, they can believe a myth with no proof but give them the actual reality and they want to know everything and if they find one single fact unbelievable they throw out the whole thing. Interesting when you look at the implausibility of their sky fairy and mythical texts huh?


Of course the most prolific creationists live in the U.S. You only have to look at “The Creation Museum” of Ken Ham to find an amusing fairytale of a theme park.  Supposedly to keep the religious youth in line with “creation science”.  Im sure he feels he is the creator of the real Jurassic Park with his saddled up dinosaurs.  What a sorry excuse for a human being that idiot is! The problem with taking the bible literally is that it gives you a headache as it contradicts itself at every turn. Kind of like several collaborating authors that just don’t seem to agree on a script!  According to Genesis 1, God created the world in 6 days, resting on the 7th, with man and woman created together, after the plants and animals.  But in Genesis 2, God creates man, then plants and animals, then woman to be company for Adam.   Bit of a design flaw wouldn’t you say?


Muslim creationists believe the Earth was made in a matter of days a few thousand years ago and accept the Qu’ran as a metaphysical and contemplative text. Muslim creationists also reject evolution, especially the fact that humans evolved from animals.  They accept the universe is old even though in Qu’ran C2 v 29 states the earth and everything in it is older than the universe. Some Islamic fundamentalists still believe the earth is flat!


They say that mankind has existed for 2 billion years and that we have not continually evolved.  The claims of the Hindu creationists have been dismissed as pseudo science. imageSo there we have it, and I’m sure every intelligent person is as baffled as I am.  I watched a Bill Maher documentary the other night called “Religulous” and boy was he right.  For it surely is.

He travelled the world from The States, to Amsterdam, to Turkey, to Israel and talked to all faith communities.  The levels of ignorance were palpable and I cannot but admire Mr Maher for not laughing in their faces. I don’t think I could have been so controlled in the face of their stupidity With a straight face these people ( grown adults) said they believed the Earth was created in 6 days, the virgin birth happened, Jesus came back from the dead, Miracles happened, and all prayers are answered. One man actually said he was in a bar and was thirsty and prayed for rain… stuck his hand out of the window and it started to rain and filled his cup. Is this guy for real?____ the list goes on .

Unbelievable!!!! How sad to have such blind faith based on years of indoctrination and fear of an imaginary friend.  When Bill Maher asked a man if he really believed god could hear every single persons prayer on earth, the guy just stood there blank faced.  Now that must take practice in gullibility.  Im not sure if he was ignorant or arrogant in his self importance that any god would even be aware of his existence if one existed!

Wow! I guess if he ever realised he is talking to himself he would see how idiotic he seems to us. What was noticeable in the documentary was how the many theists were upset at someone questioning their irrational religious believes and wanted to stop talking. Fear again manifesting, please don’t tell me the truth I’m too frightened and would like to keep my santa claus myth… Oh Please!!! hahhaha Two points I wish to make:-

  • Regardless of your religion one principle is true. – science is based on fact!
  • It doesn’t matter if you reject evolution – it is the reality whether you accept it or not!

And I’m also going to tell you again you can’t cherry pick the bloody bible. Choosing what you want to accept doesn’t work .  You believe or you don’t because if not your religion has no basis in fact and is a myth. Let me put it this way, if you decide what is supposed to be taken literally and what is not… well then…. are you not playing God? Are you not manipulating your religion to fit what you wish? Are you not making the religion you believe in , in your image?……..

imageThink about it…. you are God!


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