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imageI have a friend to thank for the subject of this weeks blog.  Alas I’m not sure she  would have been aware of the history behind her Lady. I had of course been aware of the mythology behind it but once putting it down on paper the amount of historical data astounded even me, and made me even more aware of the myth behind the story.

It begins around 2,000 BCE – in effect 2,100  years before the christian New Testaments. Mut-em-va the virgin Queen of Egypt was said to have given birth to the Pharaoh, who later built the Temple of Luxor, where, to this day you can find the representations of the story on the Temple Walls :-

  1. THE ANNUNCIATION – The God  announcing the queen was to become a mother
  2. IMMACULATE CONCEPTION – The God Kneph (holy spirit) mystically impregnating the virgin queen by holding an Ankh ( cross) of life to her mouth.
  3. THE BIRTH – of the man-god ( remember all Pharaohs were believed to come directly from God)
  4. THE ADORATION – of the newly born infant by three king (maji)

    The Nativity of Amenhotep III at Luxor | Birth Scene | Temple of …


On top of this myth there are many more in Egyptian Mythology and to name but two of many:-

  • RA – Sun God ( more of this later) was said to be born of a virgin mother
  • HORUS – Was supposed to be the child of the virgin mother Isis. In the catacombs of Rome black statues of Isis with the infant still survive today from the early christian era. In these the virgin Mary is represented as a black woman and often with the face veiled in Egyptian style. When Christianity absorbed the pagan myths and rites it also adopted the pagan statues and renamed them as saints and apostles.

Statues of Isis and her baby Horus were exported to all neighbouring and remote countries where they were given new names in keeping with that areas religion, christianity, hinduism, buddhism and taoism etc…..

imageFigures of Isis do duty as representations of Mary, Harilli, Kuan-Yun, Kwannon and other virgin mothers of gods.

Its difficult to assign the exact position of hierarchy which polytheists believed as they had numerous gods and deities.  Beliefs differed and were sometimes vague.  The better educated classes were skeptical and regarded these gods as symbolic. However, the ignorant classes both rich and poor, believed whatever they were told.  The more improbable the better!

In India, Rama’s immaculate conception had been told to millions :-

  • Rama was conceived by his mother drinking a potion from the God Vishnu
  • The wives of Dasharatha drank this divine potion
  • from one was born Rama, from another Bharata and a third drank two potions and had Laksmana and Satraghna


Pagan tales of mortal women being visited by the gods were always conceived immaculately. There is no doubt that the christian myth is pure fantasy handed down from older mythologies.  The virgin birth then is pure invention – with no basis in fact beyond a myth written in a man made fictional bible.

In reality, the ancient world abounded with traditions, prophesies, fables and myths of miraculous conceptions and births long before the invention of christianity. The virgin mother motif is common enough in pre christian cultures to demonstrate its unoriginality and non-historical factual beginnings.

So in hindsight the virgin Mary is like Jesus a mythological character, founded upon older goddesses.  We could infact call her by any of her numerous names :-









imageOf course if we are discussing Hathor ( aka the Virgin Mary) we should touch on the birth


  • Originally a pagan holiday celebrating the birth of The Sun God
  • 324 AD – taken over as the christian christmas holiday

Notice! Christianity took over the birthday of the Roman Sun God, and transferred it into a the Christian Christmas Day, the birthday of Yeshua the Messiah. In reality, the birthday of the Sun God, worshipped by millions throughout the Roman Empire.

So four centuries after christianity you decided to make a pagan holiday your religious holiday. Funny that huh?


Even your Santa Claus, our fat and jolly elf, can be traced back to another ancient pagan Norse legend! It stems from the goddess Hertha who appeared in the fireplace and brought good luck to the home! By the way incase your thinking I’m erroneously bringing in Norse Mythology, to your virgin myth. The Norse God Heimdhal was born of a virgin mother.  You get the connection right?

The Catholic St Nicholas you have been brought  up to believe as  the original Santa Claus is also a myth.  He was a compilation of 2 separate saints ( one from Myra and one from Pinora) both of whom were – as the church  now admits – nothing more than christianised water deities – can ya guess? ( possibly related to the Greco Roman gods Neptune and Poseidon) cute beards huh?….

It is indeed strange that a day never mentioned in the Bible should become your chief christian holiday – a day never celebrated by Jesus, his apostles or the Early New Testament ( but hey lets not get hung up on the truth huh?)

December 25th was celebrated thousands of years before your man made religion!

So in point of fact you may need to re think the whole purpose and agenda of your belief system – or should we start calling you paganist’s?

imageits a fact:- your religion is not mono-theist, take your pick. Do you believer in:-

  • The Sun God
  • Isis
  • Horus
  • Neptune
  • Poseidon
  • the list goes on



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