imageWell, what a week!  I still find it totally astounding that there are so many crazy theists out there who seemingly don’t get the concept of their religion. Or maybe its the selfish gene – the great ‘IAM’ of the bible.  I can’t see where they find the time for their chanting rituals and other ‘god stuff’ as they spend all their time arguing on social media with atheists lol.

Ive noticed there are three types of theist troll:-


I met a few of them this week….. hell i meet a few of them every bloody week..

1.  @LADYRED133

imageYou know who i mean, the stereo-typical “Duck Dynasty” fan. Her Bio sums her up beautifully.

Her bio is code for red neck, low IQ, pro-gun, pro-life, racist, homophobic, bigot and nazi. Sound adorable huh? Im sure she is related to Vera (@postal16), minus the dead babies heads on spikes that Vera is so fond of sending us.  She reacts like an animal trapped in a corner. I doubt she has ever read the bible.  She just spurts vitriolic abuse as she has no idea of why she believes in a god.  She was just told too i guess. Alas she can’t leave it there.  let me see now, we were called sick, immoral, moronic, liberal ( because of course everyone on twitter world lives in The States. god-haters, baby killers ( did i miss anything?) Oh yes. We were cockroaches and she wanted to step on us all and kill us, I’m guessing she knows nothing about the Ten Commandments. Your going straight to hell for that one Red!


I think a name change is in order she’s not really a @ladyred133 more a @inbred101


Now John is slightly different in approach, stays calm bordering on catatonic and has a few stock phrases he uses.  The problem is he doesn’t really think.  He makes no sense. He believes in God because he’s real.  He has no proof and cannot say with the other 2998 gods aren’t real. He just knows!  You see…………….. a sleep walker.

He was amusing though, especially when he was convinced if I watched one God video I would be converted. This guy believes in his own press hahhaha. As I said to him watch one of my Krausse videos and I will watch yours – sadly apparently he was too afraid to as Utube was unable to open for him… convenient huh?


One or two of his answers to me were insane. I have posted them here incase you don’t believe me hahhaha. One consciousness developed into humans! and the other was ‘religion was invented to look after widows and orphans” So there ya go guys if you don’t fall into either of those you don’t need to go to church anymore! He seems slightly Dickensian right? Im expecting Oliver Twist to show up any day now asking him “please, sir can i have some more ”

Trust me John we are quite happy living a full productive life and not believing in any of your gods, why do we want to follow an imaginary friend that wants us to teach our children they are born defective and need to repent non existent sins.  To teach this piffle to your children is child abuse, plain and simple and we are not interested in denying our children their full potential and how amazing they are.

Your reality is you are a slave to your particular god  whichever one you believe. Your delusion is distorting who you really are.Disturbing also his his bio, he writes books on this drivel.. and one that is focussed on child indoctrination!


Im not going to waste much time on this fruit loop. Check out his TL and you will see what I mean. He is a danger to himself. I invite you to send him one message – and his verbal diarrhoea will come back 5 fold.  However he would be fun to record and let him watch his waffling back.  Wonder if he would realise how insane he is.


Simply put all of the above types are lemmings and if asked would jump of a cliff without hesitation. So sad! They all see us as evil, dangerous, insane, simply because we don’t buy into their God Delusion.

I don’t think so!

Let’s get this straight your god is invisible, inaudible and imperceptible in every way. So he appears to no one, is silent and does nothing – he simply does not exist outside your delusion …..



imageNow let’s talk about this new trend.  Yes, Im sure your wondering why I’m mentioning this because I never get involved with it on twitter.  However, I see this funny hashtag often.  I know its an American thing-of course it is!  What I don’t understand is why atheists are taking this on board?

Is it a publicity stunt to sell a few t-shirts? Because Ive got to tell you Richard Dawkins got there first.  The hashtag is actually annoying.  Atheism is normal, and if this movement is making a change in The States and people are coming out to their colleagues, family and friends then great. But is suspect that is not the case.  It is just another underground movement for them to hide in.

Believe me I hope I’m wrong! I know as a life long atheist living in a Secular Society its easier for me.  But the only way to make atheism acceptable in The States is to stand up loud and proud and shout it from the rooftops.  You will be surprised how many people around you are also atheists and are afraid of telling you so!


Another surprising phenomenon is “atheist church” the Sunday Assembly has become an international phenomenon, boasting 63 ‘parishes’ across the globe.

A typical service includes:-

  • Sing along to pop songs
  • A secular reading
  • A life talk
  • A moment of reflection
  • Tea and cake

There will be 35 more sunday assemblies launched by the end of this year as far away as Sao Paulo.

The Blaze, An American Christian website, received hundreds of comments for its article “Godless congregation: atheist church steals from christian tradition to launch rapidly expanding house of worship”

Does anyone else find this atheist church disturbing , bordering on cult proportions? Or just me? Mimicking a religious service in a “secular way”? It makes no sense to me! Is this another way for ex-theists to stay in their “church” community without “the god bit”….

As a born atheist maybe I can never relate to a depth of indoctrination you are running from and maybe you need some form or ritual in your life. This is not it.That you have come away from religion is wonderful… but we are not a religion….

By all means lets get together, discuss everything from Humanism to books, but lets not give ourselves a pew to do it in. We do not need a church on a sunday mentality. We do not need to mimic insane ritual behaviours. Its ridiculous!

imageHave a great weekend… and remember the park is awesome on a Sunday

After publishing this blog it was interesting to see some comments from a lady in Melbourne, who I guess is involved with the “Sunday Assembley” otherwise known in the media as “Atheist Church” . Please see her comments below… interestingly kind of proves my point as she seem to sound from a christian point of view and is defensive of her church and dismissive of anyone criticising. Funnily enough, a christian responded to here with “now you know how we feel” hahhaha . I rest my case …….



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