imageCan anyone think of a good thing about religion? Anyone? Anyone?….. No me neither! If it was on the agenda of a board meeting, we would strike it off as a vote of no confidence! If we put it forward in a court of law we would throw it out for lack of evidence! There is an awful lot wrong with the world but without religion we would be making a step in the right direction

Religion is purely and simply  – Made for Men!

Im making no apologies for this post and its focus on women. This has been taken out of my hands by the stories in the news. More to the point its about why in hell women would wish to follow a myth that perpetuates women’s submission to a higher authority. Because ladies don’t fool yourselves, if you believe  in a God that is exactly what you are doing!

Why allow a male religion power over your body and allow it to dictate how you live your life?  This is completely baffling to me!

I mean i know i can be opinionated and stubborn, but it really is frustrating to me when women allow themselves to be controlled by  a religious dogma written 2000 years ago by some male goat herders with an inferiority complex. Worse you are carrying this on from generation to generation by teaching your daughters! Don’t you get it? Religion was designed to keep you in your place for the simple reason those goat herders were frightened and didn’t understand the power of a woman’s body, creating life was a magic to them, they couldn’t allow us to take the credit! They had to make us believe it was a curse!

Just take a look at women around the world, for the sake of their religious dogma, they live in fear. Some of these women you may already of heard of :-

  • MERIAM IBRAHIM  – who’s father was a Muslim was sentenced to death for apostasy.  As a Muslim she was forbidden to marry a non-muslim, though Muslim men can marry out of their faith!  By law, even though she was brought up a christian, legally she is of her fathers faith.  She has since been released and is now living in the US with her husband and children.
  • GHONCHEH GHAVANNI – a law graduate, from London. Arrested in Tehran after trying to attend a volleyball match has been sentenced to one year in jail. Interesting to note the stadium is called “Azadi” which means “Freedom”. She spent last month on hunger strike but has since been sentenced regardless of humanist efforts to get her released. Apparently all women are banned from watching ball games because ” it is to protect them from lewd behaviour among male fans”


this comes as Iran is under the spotlight for itspoor human rights record. There have been 850 executions in Iran in the last 15 months alone

  • WASILA TASI’U – 14 years old Nigerian girl accused of murdering her 35 year old husband by putting rat poison in his food could face the death penalty. The last time a juvenile was executed in Nigeria was 1997. In Northern Nigeria, Islamic law operates alongside the secular criminal code, a hybrid system that complicates the legal system on marital consent.  Her family are saying she was not forced to marry himimage
  • SANA BIBI – 45 years old. As many as 25 men were arrested for assaulting her, they accused her of apostasy, shaving her head an parading her through Bhegewala Village.  Sana Bibi, had denied leaving Islam although her husband is christian. They are separated.
  • SEMMA BIBI – 60 years old, went from being a Christian to converting to islam and back again within six months.  Seema was tortured, her head shaved, and paraded through the streets of Kot Marth Village, garlanded with shoes. She has since fled the village with her family
  • SEHAR MUHAMMED SHAFI  – 24 years of age. Attacked by her own family after converting to Christianity.  she has since fled her home with her husband and 2 young daughters after being attacked and raped for changing her faith.

There are many, many stories around the world these are but a few. We need only look at the fate of those 200 girls in Nigeria and the fighting within with Boko Haram. We need only look at ISIS and the power they are trying to unleash on the world.  Religion is an issue and none of us can deny that! We need to save our children, our girls from this ignorance and sickness they call religion. Please wake Up !!!

All of the above are down to one religion or another. It makes absolutely no sense to me why women don’t wake up!

Walk a day in a secular society and you won’t want to go back.  Its like seeing the world in technicolour when all your life you have been seeing it in black and white.  Religion is all about restricting you and mrs you see yourself as a second class citizen, no matter which religion you choose.

We need to take off the gloves – humanitarian organisations, the WHO and United Nations need to make it clear religion does not get a free pass ——— human rights should be universal, no matter where you are.

SOLE SOYINKA  – Nobel Laureate gave a wonderful speech at the World Humanist Congress in where he warned humanists need a stronger response to the scourge of fundamentalist terror arguing ” we need to deploy a new language whose message is: the world is not your jurisdiction” And he warned that even moderate religious leaders bear responsibility if they fail to confront the perils of religion.

Referring to Boko Haram he said ” Its considered virtuous by some to abduct 200 girl pupils from a sanctuary of learning in the name of religion.  We are reduced to pious incantations, such as ‘ These are not the true followers of the faith- our faith does not sanction killings, abductions or the designation of other human beings as infidels’  WE have to ask such leadership penitents: ” Were there times when you kept silent while such states of mind, overt or disguised, were seeding fanaticism around you? Are you vicariously liable?”

to read the full speech please go to http://t.co/IMozgh0Phy

The time is coming where we need to step up and say enough is enough….. leave your religion in your Churches, Mosques, and Temples , the world is not interested anymore. It is time to make religion a dirty word!



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