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imageReligion always seems to have its extremes, doesn’t it?  Of course, Atheists see all religion as extreme.  However, the majority of theists seem to live in the real world most of the time and religion doesn’t take over their everyday life.

Which brings me to the question of why some religions seem to go too far, especially with their views on modern medical care.  Even your average theist must frown upon those cults that practice religious freedom gone mad!

Let me give you a few examples of what I mean and you be the judge:-


They have a set of beliefs and practices developed by Mary Baker Eddy, in New England in the 19th Century.  She wrote a book called “Science and Health” published in 1875, saying that “sickness was an illusion that could be cured by prayer alone”. Scarily, this book has sold more than 9 million copies to date and along with the Bible is used as their central text.

Christian Scientists see their religion as a return to ‘Primitive Christianity’.  They are not required to refuse medical aid like dentists, optometrists, obstetricians, physicians for broken bones and vaccinations when required by law, but they fear they will be ostracised if they do.

In 1887, Eddy started teaching a ” metaphysical Obstetrics” course.  She had started calling herself Professor of Obstetrics.  Hundreds of her followers started practicing who knew about as much as the women they were supposed to be treating.

The first manslaughter charge was in 1888, when Abbey B Corner, attended at her daughters birthing, her daughter bled to death and the baby did not survive either.

Within this religion sick and disabled children are told that the only thing wrong with them is “incorrect” thinking.

Let us be clear , the American Academy of Paediatrics view failure to seek medial care for children as “child neglect, regardless of motivation” Despite this, however, there are still States that have religious exemption. 48 States allow religious exemption for compulsory vaccination as of July 2014. Shocking!!!!


Christian Scientist are not encouraged to educate themselves about physical ailments and it may be therefore, too late for medical intervention, when they finally figure it out…..

imageThere were over 172 child deaths in the US between 1975-1995, where parents had withheld medical treatments for religious reasons.  Here are but a few of the Christian Scientists involved :-

  • LISA SHERIDAN – 1967 Age 5. Died of pneumonia, Cape Cod, Mass.  Her mother was convicted of manslaughter and served 5 years probation.  After this prosecution the Church began lobbying for religious exemption
  • MATTHEW SWAN – 1977 Age 16 months. Died of meningitis in Detroit, Michegan.  After his parents refused to take him to a doctor
  • ASHLEY KING – 1988 Age 12. Phoenix, Arizona.  Died after living for months with a 41 inch tumour on her leg. No medial care sought
  • ROBYN TWITCHELL – 1990 Age 2 . Died of peritonitis. His parents refused medical care
  • IAN LUNDMAN – 1989 Age 11.  Died of hyperglycaemia in Minnesota. Doctors testified he could have been saved with an insulin injection administered up to 2 hours before his death

Ian Lundman’s father sued the mother, step-father, practitioner, nurse, nursing home and church.  He won his case but it was over turned on appeal.. Shockingly, the Court of Appeal found the judgement forced the church to “abandon teaching its central tenet” and was unconstitutional. Only in America! True Madness! Where the rights of the church supersede the writes of a child to live!


imageThis is a millenarian christian denomination.  Worldwide it currently has 7.9 million followers. Founded in the 1870’s by Charles Tazer russell.  They reject Trinitarianism, inherent immorality of the soul and hellfire.  they do not observe Christmas, Easter, Birthdays or other holidays they consider of pagan origin.  They believe secular society to be morally corrupt and under the influence of Satan. ( Funny huh?)

Jehovah’s Witness’ refuse blood transfusions which they consider a violation of God’s law based on their interpretation of the Bible

Genesis 9:4 – “But flesh with….blood.. ye shall not eat”

Leviticus 17: 12-14 – “no soul of you shall eat blood… whatsoever eateth it shall be cut off”

Acts 15:29   – “That ye abstain…. from blood”

Any member accepting a blood transfusion would be expelled….

The following are just a few cases i found with regards followers refusing life giving care:-

  • the sad case of a 22 year old man, critically ill with sickle-cell anaemia, he refused a blood transfusion that could have saved his life.  Over 3 weeks he gradually deteriorated as the crisis progressed and he eventually died. His mother also a follower sat and watched his slow death.  It is tragic that the young manx didn’t want to die but he wished to obey his religious indoctrination
  • Another sad case, a criminal entered an 18 year old girls home, intent on rape, she fought him off and he stabbed her 4 times, puncturing her lungs.  She repeated refused a blood transfusion and surgery- she died. the question is could he be prosecuted for murder?
  • Allyson Bergman, May 1984, 9 months old, died of meningitis. her parents “treatment” was prayers, fasting and reading scriptures


Based in the State of Oregan, it practices faith healing and shuns medical care.  A former Oregan medical examiner claims the infant mortality rate among this group is 26 times greater than the rest of the population.

imageHere are a few instances on refusing medical care:-

  • GARRETT DEAN EELLS – 6 days old, died of interstitial pnemonitis ( untreated pneumonia)
  • JACKSON SCOTT PORTER  – Baby girl, lived only 20 mins. No pre-natal care.
  • PRESTON BOWERS – 2 years old. Pneumonia
  • ADRIAN GRANDEN  – 15 years old.  Food poisoning. She vomited so badly she ruptured her oesophagus.
  • MICAH TAYLOR  – 11 years old. Died from Diabetes

All of the above were preventable with modern medicine. these children’s parents should be blamed and held accountable! Look what believing in an imaginary sky fairy did for these families.

In some States in America including Oregan it is still acceptable to use “Faith Healing” as a defence in court


We just cannot continue to accept “religious exemption”. How is it okay to stand by and watch another human being die, when we have the science to prevent it? How is that morally religious or otherwise?

What kind of parent are you if you refuse life saving medicine because of a myth you were sold as a child?

These are the people who condemn a woman’s right to choose abortion, condemn assisted suicide! Step down from your religious high ground.  I see no difference in the willful  murder of your own children by refusing them medical aid. To allow a child to die when you have the power to help them survive is murder. If you are an adult refusing life saving blood transfusion you are committing suicide.

For the theists out there nodding your head all through this article and agreeing…. Bravo…. now take it one step further.  You have agreed that these followers of a religious doctrine that  kills the epitome  of madness, but you follow a dangerous doctrine yourself.  Tell me Protestants, Catholics etc…. if your religion had these as their tenets… you would blindly follow them without question  too… so don’t deny it!

Now you are getting to see where we are coming from, and why we speak out against religion, it is dangerous and it is time for it to lie alongside the mythologies of old.



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