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imageThis week has been a little shitty for me I have to be honest, i have been suffering with a bout of pneumonia for a week now and I think its put me in a bad mood.  To all my friends both online and off I apologise for my tetchiness.  Of course, being laid up in bed has given me ample time to follow the news…. wow…. it doesn’t get any better does it?

I see all this hatred in the world and see religion as the focus for it. Oh, how I wish they could stand in our shoes for a day or so and look in and see what a wasteland they are creating by their religious beliefs.

Apologies in advance if I seem to be ranting or re-hashing old arguments, but as they still hit my radar on a weekly basis they need to be continually addressed.  Some may wish to describe me as an ‘angry atheist’  on some issues and I will answer with this “how can you afford not to be angry?”  Theism is damaging at a greater rate than ever and possibly propelling us towards a war we cannot afford not to be a part of for our future to exist!

We cannot stand back and watch these atrocities around the world to continue.  The terrors of Boko Haram, Islamic State and Al Shabaab.

A saddening article posted on BBC news this week was – http://bbc.in/1wnLEJr


Here are a few extracts but please read the whole article:-

5:11:14   – Most christians have fled Mosul.  those left are told to convert to islam, pay a religious tax or are killed.

14:11:14 – male and female teachers are now banned from teaching the opposite sex.  Geography, History and Art are now banned. No more Physical Education classes.  Colours and coloured pens are now forbidden.

21:11:14 No water supply.  We collect rain water in the garden and collect rain from the roof to wash our clothes.

All these religious terrorist groups are after one thing, the eradication of education, because as we know religion and ignorance go hand in hand.  These men are setting the world back firmly in the dark ages, they want women subjugated and dumb.!

Religion cannot prosper where education is allowed, its as simple as that!  which brings me to my next topic on the agenda.


the headline this week was:-


There were six emergency inspections and the Education Secretary Nick Morgan said that the schools would be closed down if changes were not made.  At one school, inspectors found the pupils didn’t know the difference between Sharia Law and British Law.  Please bear in mind there is no Sharia Law in Britain!

The inspectors were also concerned with the narrowness of the curriculum.  the pupils were seen as vulnerable to extremist influences and radicalisation.

There has been a recent downgrading of several muslim schools which suggests a growing nervousness about Islam in the UK.


I will say again, lets get rid of faith schools. The word ‘faith’ and ‘school’ should never be linked.  Religion should have no part in Education unless it is a subject in Mythology,  go to your religious houses for prayer and instruction, leave intellectual learning in schools.   Schools should be 100% secular…..

Humanist values should be taught – anything less thank that is indoctrination.  If you wish to be brought up with sharia law I suggest you move to a muslim country.

imageThe following schools have been given a warning by OFSTED:-

  • Mazahirul Uloom School
  • Ebrahim Academy
  • London East Academy
  • Al Mizam Primary
  • East London Islamic School

These schools are missing the ideology we live by namely: the rule of British Law, individual liberty and mutual respect for each other.

Keep religion in religious houses and out of our schools!


Another story that interested me this week was the re-launch of Songs of Praise.  To be honest I hadn’t realised it had left the building for a while but I’m not really a TV addict. However, it is now back, just in time for winter solstice no doubt. They do love a good pagan festival.

It has now dropped its Anglican format and will now feature a range of locations.  It will however be a christian only show.  It seems that its new format will incorporate gospel singers – wow I hear you cry – a truly new concept hahaha…. I mean gospel singers are such a new phenomenon right !

Now lets leave aside my view that religious programmes should be on their own dedicated channel and not on mainstream television. I mean 57% of the British population are atheist so your not really showing to the majority are you.

The BBC’s head of religion and Ethics Aazil Ahmed said ” a different form of christianity had emerged in the UK” ( interestingly he is a non- christian so I would like to see his proof of ‘a different christianity’ on this point)

I would say more of a “non-religion” has emerged in the Uk – however I digress

Let us consider two points:-

  1. The programmes average audience is in their mid 70’s
  2. We are a multi-cultural society

1. Is there really any need to a change of format. the now has a sell-by-date judging by its audience.

2. Should you not have a different religious service each week in line with the many religions practiced by the population? i mean as the BBCs head of Religion you would think he would be fairer no? And if you really want to throw a cat amongst the bloody pigeons maybe an episode of “Atheist Church?”


I know, I know, I have discussed this before.  its my bloody blog so shoot me. hehehehe.  However it is in the news again as an Ex-Bishop of the Catholic church has been rumoured to be getting involved with the “Atheist Church services”.


As I have stated before the “Atheist Assembly” is a worrying phenomenon, however, if the agenda is to encourage more ex-theists, then I guess that would make sense to give them their Sunday morning rituals.  Seems like false advertising to me though.

Anyway it worries me on too many levels to even begin to delve into!  You are falling into the trap of religion, you are creating a “religion” to appeal to the theists.

imageThere are plans to build a network of “Atheist Churches” across the Uk starting with a £1 million monument in London.   As Richard Dawkins says “Atheists don’t need Temples”. There are better things to spend this kind of money on.  Improve secular education and build non-religious schools which teach rational, skeptical thinking.

We do not need to conform to fit in with a religious society in the midst of its death knell.  If we do we will be creating an alternative religion – and we are not!

the originator of this £1 million “Atheist Church” network is the author Alain de Botton.  Half the money has already been realised by the funds from his book “Religion for Atheists: A non-believers guide to the uses of religion.”

Oh dear – Alain!

The rumour is the plans to build a Temple of Love featuring rose tinted windows and a Shrine of Care – I hope this is just a rumour!


When you look back through the ages.. the trail of dead religions…. what has been the recurring theme? Religions have always been replaced by newer religions.  Let us not be guilty of incorporating religious rituals into atheism and creating a religion that would replace theirs and be more accepting to new atheists. Lets not create a new form of religion.

Do not disappoint me when we are on the road to a secular society.

imageLets not turn to people like Richard Holloway, the ex-bishop of Edinburgh, Leader of the Scottish Church from 1986. By his own admission he left the church only because of its stance on homosexuality.

He describes himself as an “after religionist” He admits he still loves the ritualistic aspects of religion, he likes the music and latin prayers.  he like the doctrine of original sin and the notion that we are all in need of confession and forgiveness.  Does he sound like an atheist to you?

He says he wants a world without religion, or at least religion as we know it – you see where I’m going with this? hmmm?

This is the very reason the “new atheists” need to re think what they actually believe, and stop making us feel we need to change ….. and jump on the band wagon of pseudo religious doctrines and Sunday services



Find out more about SON and the shows that make up the network at Secular Outreach.com