imageHaving a lot of time on my hands lately I have been catching up on a lot of novels that I just haven’t had time for.  A book I found at my fingertips this week was “I’m Over All That” by Shirley MacLaine. A wonderful actress and in real life a bit of a screwball, but what an amusing read.  It did make me think of what “I am over”….

To any of my friends reading this, they will probably argue I was never someone who would be anything other than myself and to hell with what people think.  However, I have found over the years I have probably become more vocal and assertive ( if not down right pushy) about my opinions. Here is my “MacLaine” list .

1. I’m over being concerned about what I shouldn’t do…..

I am of the opinion we should try everything at least once… and whatever you guys just  had pop into your head, I will need witnesses’ hahahaha .Seriously though why should we limit ourselves to what we see as the conventions. If you don’t hurt anyone what’s the harm.

Years ago I wouldnt go to the shops without wearing heels (seriously) now your lucky if I remember shoes.

The older I get the more I realise I write the script in my own life…. its very liberating

2. I’m over understanding men and women….

It’s taken me my whole life to understand myself. Boy am I complex so I’m not going to throw understanding men into the mix. We just need to realise we are different and embrace and enjoy our differences. Don’t get me wrong I am all for equality and women’s rights. But ladies lets not loose our advantage and loose the gentleman in our men.

Enough said.

3. I’m over being polite to boring people……

A word to the brave, I size you up in minutes.. If you don’t cut the mustard I have been known to simply turn and walk away. I have no wish to waste their time or mine.

Life is too short to suffer fools, unless your on twitter and then you are always good for a laugh. Briefly!

4. I’m over ignorance…..

I will admit, I am impatient when it comes to ignorance. There is no excuse for it!  It is a complete mystery to me when someone has  access to a world of information at their fingertips. To have a complete lack of curiosity? What the fuck!

5. I’m over Popular Music….

I have been over chart music since the mid 90’s. Seriously, don’t tell me otherwise it is all crap.  Radio was history for me in 1991. I’m done.

6. I’m over Materialism….

Okay, I will own up to this one, I’ve never been materialistic, so I’m cheating a little bit here. I have things I use and need and I don’t see the point in owning stuff just for the sake of it.

Please don’t drag me round on a shopping spree – I hate it.  My wardrobe can be fit into a single suitcase. I’m not kidding.

However if you ask me about books and DVD’s we are talking thousands. My weakness is not being able to pass a bookstore without going in… or a bar… but thats another story…..

7. I’m over Politics…..

The big players are a waste of space.  We don’t need to give them another chance, they have it!  Check the news every day of the week and you will get where I am coming from.

I want out of the EU, I want immigration controlled, I want strict rules on islam in the Uk, I want faith schools closed and I want more money for the NHS.

End of.

8. I’m over fitting in……

Life is too short to try to fit in with peer groups, we are who we are and should be proud of it.

9. I’m over being polite to people with closed minds…..

“see theists on twitter” 

I have been over this discussion since I was ten years old in fact.  I have never been a silent voice and have always been an active atheist. I choose friends of like minds usually. On rare occasions have I had theist friends they have usually come to their sense and are all now atheists.

I promise no pressure was exerted… they simply read books.

** Frankie this does not include you!

10. I’m over peoples opinions of me….

In a single sentence ” I couldn’t care less” . Love me or hate me… take me as you find me

11. I will never be over my need to know…

I will be studying till the day I die. If I go through a single day and I haven’t learn’t at least one thing completely new to me then I have failed. Our brains crave and need stimulation , be brave and learn.

12. I will never get over fighting against religion….

imageThis could be the longest chapter of all. However, anyone reading my back catalogue of blogs knows exactly where I am coming from. I was born an atheist so I really have no idea how to be any other way. I see atrocities around the world and I wonder how you cannot fight against religion.

I will fight till the last church and synagogue has closed down….. and my greatest wish would be to have religion eradicated in my lifetime. Alas I am a realist and this won’t happen , however, I would have been a part of the road that leads us to a world of non- religion.

I see us as a band of suffragettes…… look what they achieved. I see us as Martin Luther King he never saw the end of segregation/racism but he was there in the fight.

I am very proud to be an atheist and the atheist family is growing round the world and I am proud of each and every one of you!

15. I will never be over classic movies….

Okay .. you see.. you have finally found my weakness. I love the classic movies from Chaplin to Hitchcock. My all time top  movies are:-

  1. Anatomy of a Murder
  2. The Kid
  3. North by Northwest
  4. Casablanca
  5. 12 Angry Men
  6. Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner
  7. To Kill a Mockingbird
  8. Fiddler on the Roof
  9. Dr Zhivago
  10. All The Presidents Men
  11. Brief Encounter
  12. Rear Window

The list is much longer but there ya go.  I have no fondness for CGI… I love to watch an old movie and wonder how they did that? Not oh easy a computer and voila.

16. I am over doorstop ‘Jehovahs Witness” and ‘Morons’ oops  i mean ‘Mormons’…

imageWherever possible I try not to answer the bloody door. but on those rare occasions when I am awaiting a parcel I do get caught out. Me! I know!

I keep a copy of Dawkins ‘God Delusion’ handy and its amazing how many of them have never seen this book, alas I have tried to give copies away but they are not interested.  This of course means, I am equally not agreeable to copies of ‘The Watchtower’.

They seem shocked and appalled that I don’t believe in any religions which surprises me no end. They so desperately want to save me but from what,they don’t seem sure. If only I will open my heart and god will find me? Wow, I thought he knew everyone and everything.. why would i put my trust in someone who has no idea where i am? funny huh?

Guys its never gonna happen… trust me…. I’m the rock of Gibraltor in the Atheist World.. get over it! Jesus is not coming back….




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