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So, do you want to know what’s pissed me off this week?….

No?. Well tough, because you know I’m going to tell you anyway. Two things :-

  • Creation Science
  • Flood Geology

In other words a theist’s take on evidence and how it fits in with their fairy stories. I know! Grown adults – some people never grow up do they? hahhaha

Now you’re wondering, what was I doing knee deep in creationist websites and flood geology myth, right? I was researching for a guest blog and found the proof of the “Great Flood” seems to be the creationist obsession! Im guessing old “Ham” is to blame for his ‘Creationist Museum’ and his ‘Noah Theme Park”. When will these fruit loops wake up!

So, lets discuss their ideas shall we?

The earth apparently is no older than 10,000 years and that would mean Noah’s little escapade happened around 8,000 years ago. ( These dates come from “Scientific Creation” written in 1974). Don’t you just love how they use Science and Geology in their titles to make it sound- well – more scientific!

They claim their creation/flood model is from known geological evidence. For instance John Whitcomb in “The World that Perished” says :-

“God maintains an economy of miracles. Apart from the specific miracles mentioned in the bible, which were necessary to begin to terminate this period of global judgement, the flood accomplished its work of destruction by ‘purely natural processes’, that are capable of being studied in hydraulics laboratories and in local flood situations today” p. 67-68

Hmmmm…. so lets see shall we?


You don’t need to be a genius to realise desert dunes do not form under flood waters, these require time and dry land.

The Old Red Sandstone was formed in Devonian times. It has outcrops extending from the Uk to Poland, Russian, Germany and Norway. Outcrops have been found in Greenland and North America. None of this would have been formed within the one year long flood theory as the “flood geologists” say.

These hundreds of thousands of square miles of fossil sand dunes and deposits contain cross-bedding and sand blasted pebbles, which were formed over thousands of years in a dry climate, not in any kind of flood catastrophe.

Several times at the end of the Miocene epoch (6-8 million years ago) the Mediterranean Sea dried up, leaving extensive desert deposits on the sea floor. This is not possible with the flood geology .


In Yellowstone Park at Specimen Ridge, a nearby volcano buried 27 forests one on top of the other in Eocene times. Complete root systems have been found in many of these trees. this entire deposit took 20,000 years, much longer than the creationists say the earth was formed. Too long to fit in with the Flood of Noah.


Flood geologists claim that the oceans basins and the continents consist of the same soft crust. This creates two problems.:-

  1. If the flood covered continents, then the sedimentary rocks of the world would be found on the ocean floor.
  2. The continents are mainly granite about 30-60 km thick. Granite is lighter than basalt, and floats upon the viscous mantle of the earth.

Of course sedimentary buoyancy is well known to the newest geology student, and cause obvious difficulties for the flood geologists. Im guessing they didn’t go to Geology 101…..


imageMy favourite!

The flood geology theory allows no more than 8,000 years for all modern reefs to form.

We will take Eniwetok Atoll as our example, the deepest core sample is 1380 metres thick. We will assume two things based on creationist theory to give them a fair shake

The reef only grows one centimetre a year
We ignore erosional gaps.
Given these assumptions the Atoll must be no less than 138,000 years old.


According to the flood geology, all “kinds” of plants and animals alive today ( not to mention dinosaurs and mammoths etc.) lived before the flood. So flood geology predicts the fossil record should consist of animals and plants alive today only. Therefore there should be no unknown fossils.

George Simpson, world famous palaeontologist would disagree, he says that nearly all fossil species and genera are extinct today. Very few modern species or genera are found as fossils at all.

Many delicate species of animal survive today in spite of predictions of the flood geology model. The creationists have to invent so many miracles to keep these creature alive through the Flood that it would be much simpler and easier for God to create them all from scratch again, and just forget the floating zoo!


These predictions just don’t hold water! We have fossil evidence to the contrary….

Their whole belief system and ideas on creationism and flood geology have fatal flaws that prove it to be scientifically unsupportable and they continue to teach this bullshit to their theist groups!

So Flood Geology vs Orthodox Geology…

What do you think?