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imageGuest blog my dear friend Mr Mubarak Bala

Islam built itself based on belief and faith, obedience without question, submission without resistance (the real meaning of the Arabic word Islam is not from Salam, peace, as widely believed), Islam means submission, total submission to the will of Allah, in essence, the will of Muhammad, since no one ever saw Allah (it is a noun), And you have to believe in Ghayb, that’s the unseen (genie, gods, angels, resurrection, heaven, hell, virgins-houri etc), as criteria.

These recent attacks prompted me to write, out of anger for the bloodshed and the pointless defence of the religion of peace by ‘bad’ Muslims; rejoice to this fact,normal Muslims are bad Muslims, the good Muslims are truly the fanatics, they are the real Muslims, they follow the book in totality, which boasts that it is uneditable, incorruptible for a thousand years (meaning Muslims are expected to never learn anything new, but through that book and stick to it).

Now why do they hate schools and the young? They fear that the youth are gradually tilting away from the redundancy of faith alone in order for life to be meaningful, and that science, reason and uncommon sense has taken over the expected submission to the will of the maker of the human body, (whom by the way never knew of the human brain, but ties intellect to the heart, both literally and practically, no mention whatsoever by all the Abrahamic religions).

These are the few things that scare the hell out of Islamists and Clerics alike;

  • That evolution may be true, especially the DNA evidence, the fossils in museums, it takes away Adam, Eve and the Devil. They will someday aim to bomb such proof.
  • That people will discover that demons, angels, cannot be real, as do ghosts. There’s a whole chapter dedicated to demons/genies (Djinns) in the Qur’an (Qur’an 72), as well as numerous mentions of angels.
  • The earliest miracle of Muhammad was that he summoned the moon to testify that he is indeed a prophet, which it did, when it came down, (as it is, the size of an orange), it split in 2, went through his sleeves and came in opposing directions, bowed to him, as it did to Biblical Joseph, testified the Kalimah (Shahada-statement to enter Islam), and then went back up in the sky, Islamic ‘scientists’ claim the Apollo missions saw the evidence that the moon indeed cracked and split sometime ago… Yeah!
  • Another dangerous knowledge is the sun, and earth, which presumably was flat, (although modern Islamic ‘scientists’ have now ‘discovered’ that the Qur’an indeed said the earth was spherical, only that the people at that time did not know it, including the prophet). Now chapter 18 of the qur’an gave a vivid idea of geography and cosmology according to the maker of the Universe.The sun was supposed to be the size of an orange, and it sets in a murky water on earth, (that’s the Atlantic, for Brazil was not known by Arabs then). It (the Sun) also rises to a people in the east, may be China or Japan, which border with aliens until a warrior prophet, whom Islam called Zhul-Qarnayn, (some think it’s Alexander, others, the Persian King Cyrus both known as ‘The Great’), built a wall just like that of Game of Thrones, to divide the realm of men to that of Gog and Magog, Ya’juj wa Ma’juj, little feet-sized monsters.The prophesy goes – end of days will see the wall, which the Qur’an said was physical, built with mortar and molten iron, but now re-translated as non-physical, so cannot be seen. Yet others just call it The Great Wall of China. All in all, the Islamists fear that people will doubt such story through science and reason.
  • The signs of the end of days will see the Sun and Moon collide (they thought that they are of the same size).
  • We were even told the astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong converted to Islam, upon return to earth, for they heard the call to prayer on the moon, and that they also saw a prayer carpet and a kettle up there. (That some saints were already there).
  • Then another fear is women will rise to be unruly, for they were made of ribs of men, (they hate it that they actually came from the ‘scum’ of the lowly creatures).The Shari’ah specifically gave women ‘special status‘, elevating them from zero inheritance, (actually, they were even among the property inherited, in pre-Islamic Arabia), into half inheritance for the girl-child, and 1/8th for all wives, if they are 4, then they take 1/32. (Qur’an 2). On matters of testimony and evidence, they count as half, and a quarter in some instances, meaning 2 or 4 women need to corroborate same narrative before it is taken as worth a man’s testimony.
  • Other sciences of the Islam in the Qur’an, which Islamists fear will erode, include, that birds and ants can speak (to Solomon), and that he flies around on clouds, and that demons are real and they built the temple in Jerusalem, albeit under duress and slavery.

The Islamists dread the fact that if people got educated, they would no longer seek answers through the clergy, and the books, and that rather science answers them, so they tried hard to follow the eye and curiosity of the youth, especially on the internet, hijacking every single discovery made by science, whether absolute or in progress to claim it for their god and books, even though no one scientist, theist or non-theist, has ever discovered anything worth scientific research from these holy books, all are secular thoughts of men, without revelation (someone argued with me that at least Noah’s ark was scientific both scientific and divine, I educated him).

If there were sciences contained in these books, we would have known how the embryo develops, not the jargon references religions made, that never led to ultra-sound, or we would have known that the earth is spherical, since Muhammad was the first man to leave the earth and fly into space (here, I was corrected, he went up, to heaven, not space), with a flying horse, called Buraaq. Mind you, Hercules also flew the Pegasus to see daddy on Mount Olympus, if you subscribe to this ‘fact’ you can’t call the other a mere myth. We should have heard of the blue-marble earth, or the pale-blue-dot on his return. Instead, he told the Meccans how the stars were clung to the ceiling of heaven, lighting the palace of Al-Arsh, the Throne.

You see, all these holy books, the Qur’an, the Bible, the Gita, the Talmud etc have existed for at least a 1000 years, they came from the ‘most high’, but they aided not in one single
progress in human development, not even a syringe. Instead, they gave us wars, bloodshed, quasi-science; (like houseflies having disease on one wing and the cure on another); ridiculous like killing little lizards for rewards; the absurd like long dead people are still alive (the Mahdi and Jesus); the preposterous like they will come back to help Muslims commit genocide against the Jews of the world. (The Hadith says that the killings will be so elaborate, that even rocks that day will speak! Calling on Muslims to kill a Jew hiding behind it.

This is how Muslims got programmed into hate.

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict did not start in 1948. On his death bed, Muhammad said should I tell you how to safeguard your faith for eternity? Those around said, “Yes O Messenger of Allah,” he then said “Expel the Jews from the Peninsula“, and so the war began.

Muslims,other religions’ followers, theists, deists, atheists and agnostics, we all need to wake up to realities, we are all victims of religion, whether Judaism or Islam, we must discuss this, if you say your book is infallible:

  • How is it being ‘misinterpreted’?
  • How can it claim immunity from ridicule? When clearly you can see the commands of violence.
  • How can it be exempt it from editing, from criticism?
  • Why would you keep a book of 1000 years and stick to it, to think it has all the answers?
  • Why do you need to consult other books at school?

We were even told that these scientific principles were stolen out of the Qur’an, and that aeroplanes do only fly because the ‘jews’ (they mean the innovators) had access to some really powerful names of god, and they insert the names in the ceiling of the craft and the wings in order for aeroplanes to take flight.

Just last week I had to educate my cousin about it, he still trusts the sacred story. He also still believes the Ahlul-Bayt (bloodline of Muhammad) to not burn. That’s what we were told, that’s what Muslims believe, ‘sharifs do not burn by fire‘, ask any Muslim, especially Sufis in West Africa.

Islam is here to stay, get used to it.

If it has not affected you directly, it has affected you indirectly, whether at your businesses, on flights, in school, markets and even in your beds.

These undead gods said they will strike terror in your hearts by the hands of it’s warriors. Brace yourselves, raise your voices, ideas must be editable, and criticism is a right. But caution, do not maltreat a person, a Muslim, they are bad Muslims, you need to fear them less. The good Muslim is out there, hell bent on spinning the planet back by billions of degrees.

During this week’s Shi’a Arbaeen, the commemoration of the murder of Hussein.  Provocative Shi’ites went to the gates of a Military instalment in northern Nigeria (Jaji Cantonment), and established a vigil on the whole lane of the tarred road, all clad in black, dancing and mourning, they wanted to be harassed, just so they will also achieve martyrdom, but nothing happened, fortunately.

This is what religion makes some people do, challenge authority and hinder roads made for cars, for hours. A sunni cleric cautioned their leader in a letter, the reply was that they have the right to block roads and march to Karbala (Zaria) on foot.

Finally, I have this fact to tell you:

The Qur’an is a mesmerizing book to the vulnerable mind, the fact that a billion people think it will give them another lifetime shows how strong it is, it captures the young mind, it also has the power to spin the head of a teen-aged blue-eyed blonde to cover herself in burqa, or strap a bomb, these are people whom we though have the basic education and modernity (countries of The West), not the likes of the 13 year old Nigerian girl who has heard nothing about the atom. If you lack the basic facts of science, history, reason and logic, you’re done. The preachers are there in every country, taking advantage of the freedom in those societies to spread hate and ignorance, in the name of guidance.

There’s only two sides to the coin, if you fear death, or god, and you discover the Qur’an and all it’s militancy, you’ll turn into a radical and may be a terrorist in future. The other side of the coin is, if you’re armed with science/reason, you’ll get disillusioned and run away from it.

So, proliferate knowledge and education, sanction preachers, let them go preach to terrorists, whom they claim misinterpret the book and let them leave students alone.


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