imageI seem to start most of my posts lately with a ‘well what a week’. But, WELL WHAT A FUCKING WEEK! So much craziness in the news and as usual seems to revolve around Islam.  We had The Sydney Siege and the Peshawar Attack.

I seem to have had #myownattack this week!


Suffice to say I am not going to name names, but I was so disappointed I needed to get rid of my angst! It brought home to me the simple fact that on twitter particularly, I see atheists as one.  I now know differently, maybe i was naive and trusting of friends, who knows? I now see we really only have one thing in common and it makes me very sad.  I always saw myself as a humanist first and atheist second, or maybe even that they were the same!  I saw a friend who believed he should be able to police his followers posts and opinions when they didn’t coincide with his own!  Someone who puts ‘fighting for a   secular society’ on his bio, but in actual fact is pandering to popularity and being brainwashed by the media. Funny, huh?

It still seems hilarious to me, that for simply retweeting a picture he didn’t like, I was unfollowed and muted ( or maybe he blocked and reported as he seemed to threaten) and without a discussion.  How very silly sir!

I thought we were allowed freedom of speech, allowed to differ in viewpoint… I was wrong on this occasion apparently.

image#Illridewithyou – hmmmm. I disagreed with this idea and apparently I didn’t know what I was talking about.  That it is simply put in place to look after the moderate muslims ( i sure hope he read the post by Mubarak Bala, who I hope he would listen to) there are no moderate muslims! Let me ask you a question how do you tell who is a moderate muslim, hmmm?  Richard Dawkins was also of the same opinion,  this actually helps the muslim fundamentalists, if only you could see that.  This initiative is opening the door to more mayhem in Australia. So, lets wait and see. go ahead and make the same mistakes they made in the Uk.  My friend even subtweeted that he hoped he had more knowledge of a news story before he said something wrong, alas he misses the irony.

imageAs most of you are aware I am based in the Uk, and we have been dealing with the Muslim issue for  far longer.  We have tried the #hugamuslim idea and it didn’t work.  We have pretended to ignore the issue and just hope it went away.  Just a tip, ignoring them does not make them go away!  We have ended up with soldiers being killed in broad daylight, the Rotherham scandal and our children been sexually exploited and even a cover up by the very people we hope would protect us ( the police, councillors, politicians and the media) There is a warning there for Australia not to follow in your politicians footsteps. Or do you see yours as different…..

imageMaybe they need to see the growing unrest in Europe, the demonstrations in Uk, Denmark and Germany among others.  The people are starting to speak up against the political correctness gone mad and our disillusionment with the political machine.  You allow Islam in the back door and it will stealthily take over.

Now lets look at those news stories

  • THE SYDNEY SIEGE – apparently a lone man with no religious affilitation

Im guessing we forget the fact that he was known to the Australian authorities, he had been accused of    murder and sexual attacks. Had sent hate mail to Australian war widows. Had posted Jihadist propaganda on his Facebook page and had also posted threats of what he actually carried out. He had been asked by Iran to deport him for crimes and Australia had kept him safe! So tell me again how this was not religiously motivated

  • THE PESHAWAR ATTACK – apparently not religion but a revenge attack

This thought actually makes me sick. Those sick Islamic apologists daring to think it okay to murder so many innocent children as a revenge attack for an attack carried out on the Taliban. I can’t even begin to talk anymore on this one!

Please check up on these stories…..

Let me tell you, you can bury your heads in the sand and say none are religiously motivated, but doesn’t make it so!

Lets not follow on the backs of politicians and media idiots.  This is an issue that has reached its tipping point… you either get off your asses and start comprehending what is happening… or you buy a prayer mat and find the direction of mecca!


I was accused of being  a fundamentalist atheist and anti-relgion:-


  1. I am anti religion – its a hateful, hurtful, damaging, man made money making corporation that would make an awesome horror movie.
  2. If standing up and shouting out loud that I wish to hear the death knell of religion, then I am a fundamentalist.  But answer me one question. How many atheists have beheaded anyone this week, or murdered school children, or killed a Mom of three whilst she was buying a coffee?

I rest my case… and i will continue to shout out against religion! 


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