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imageA comment that has been mentioned this week on several occasions, was that people become atheists through trauma. I guess we can equally say there are two sides to that coin. But would this be true on any level?

If trauma was the reason people chose atheism we would indeed be the largest group in the world, wouldn’t we? If you took all the natural disasters, personal problems and life’s challenges etc into consideration? What we do see in fact is the opposite……

Take Nigeria as an example and their Ebola crisis. What we do see is panic and paranoia driven by the church. We see people so indoctrinated and brain washed by their pastors, they truly think prayer as opposed to medicine would help them. For these theists, the simple fact of the crisis strengthens their faith purely based on fear! They truly believe that their particular God is punishing them and they are to blame for all this!
Another extreme example would of course be Hitler’s final solution and the Concentration Camps. Surely that would have created ex-Jews? Wouldn’t we have seen Catholics disgusted with their Catholic priests in Rome in their helping of Nazi’s escape justice? Wouldn’t you question a God who wasn’t there, did nothing and didn’t speak out? How long do you look for a black cat in a dark room before you realise, the room is empty?

I’m guessing it would also depend on your idea of trauma, I have heard of many theists who walked away from their belief system with the death of friends and relatives. But the other way around? The real question is why do people become atheists? Answer is we don’t,  it is more they come back to atheism. No babies are born believing in a sky fairy, no children are aware of the various gods, they are taught to believe in God, in much the same way they are taught racism. Just think about that…..
We have no ‘God Gene’ – if we did we would all believe in the same God , no?

We hear of prisoners in the US ‘finding’ religion or ‘born again christians’… but as we all suspect they do this charade to get lighter sentences. Religion is good that way, your sins are forgiven if you repent. The God of the Bible has more time for the bad in people he seems to reward them for it, but he doesn’t seem to help the victims. Free will is a bitch isn’t it?
There are fundamental differences between us :-


  • You are not born to a religion you are indoctrinated into it
  • You are told what to believe, regardless of truth and reason
  • Your religion is based on a fictional mythology


  • Everyone is born atheist
  • No one teaches you, we give you the tools to find out for yourself
  • Knowledge is the key and truth and reason the foundation

imageReligion is the epitome of pyramid selling and your reward is given to you after you die. No chance of Sale or Return people, you have been hoodwinked, simples.
Truth be told I have never found an atheist who has become so though a trauma or anything more extreme than reading a book. Usually the book they have been reading is the Bible and it is the only one you need to read to realise there is no God! Why do you think for centuries the church had all its bibles in Latin…. they didn’t want you to be able to read and question the lack of truth and find it was fiction.

For the religious ruling elite ‘Ignorance is truly bliss’

We can of course thank Henry Vlll for needing his quickie divorce (or not so quick) from Catherine of Aragon so he could wed his saucy wench Anne Boleyn for the creation of the Church of England and its break from Rome. The protestant movement led by Martin Luther and the birth of the printing press, made it possible for everyone to have a copy of the Bible in English.
I would love to hear you stories of why you are an atheist or theist, no two stories are ever alike, and I know I come across as boring sometimes as a born atheist! I have no idea of what it takes to break away from childhood indoctrination.

Speaking of indoctrination……

I was in an interesting conversation earlier this week, with a group of fellow atheists. We had decension in the ranks! ( she says tongue firmly in cheek) The Atheist Church came up again ( oh hell am i having to mention this again?) One fellow atheist seemed quite empowered and wanted to go on a power drive to create atheists, he felt this new assembly was the wonderful way to indoctrinate ( i kid you not he used those very words)

Now let me tell you right now…. stop…. we are not wanting to “make” atheists. We are not interested in forcing you to think like “us” we just want you to think.

Here Endeth the lesson for this week



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