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imageIt’s the time of year when I take stock and look at what I will be doing or want to achieve in the year ahead. A personal spring clean if you will of all the crap. But this year i’ve decided to look at what i enjoy doing for relaxation, be it for an hour, a day or a week. January is a month I like to take off for at least a week or so. Alas this year that hasn’t worked out for me.

Inner peace and calm is not given to us by religion, neither is prayer or meditation. We all as we grow find our own times and places where we find peace….

Many theists seem to see us as  lacking a reason to live, what is the purpose of life they say if you don’t want to be a slave to god? ( okay i admit they don’t use the word slave – but you know where I’m going with that ).

One of my favourite quotes is :-

Atheism in its negation of gods is at the same time the strongest affirmation of man, and through man, the eternal yea to life, purpose and beauty – Emma Goldman

Spend time this year remembering the past memories and friends and family that though gone are never forgotten, it can be a fleeting moment for me :-

  • It’s a song that brings back a good memory
  • It’s a smell which takes you back in time, in the blink of an eye
  • It’s a movie watched/a book read and your remember the age you were and the whole summer is remembered. ( To this day I can’t watch jaws without thinking of the fear it created and my summers  in Oslo minus swimming in the local fjord)
  • It’s the memory of reading your first romantic novel ( i was  13) – and enjoying it innocently without the painful reality of a first love


Life is to be lived as we only have the one, so live it to the fullest, don’t spend 2015 work obsessed . Make the most of your downtimes and if your a theist reads more books! 😉


  • Relaxing with a glass of wine and a selection of cheeses
  • The time of day on a late summer’s afternoon – the light changes to a mellow yellow glow and it is perfection. I can sit so quietly and just enjoy
  • The sound of the Ocean – has been known to bring tears to my eyes if I am away from it too long
  • Rear Window, High Society (takes me back to Sunday afternoon sitting with my grandfather and sharing the songs) Rebecca, The Italian Job ( the original not the crap remakes) and Where Eagles Dare ( I watched it with my son when he was young and it takes me right back to that afternoon when he was six – we had to watch it twice!)
  • I love dining in restaurants with courtyard, an outside space is a must. No idea why… i just do
  • Museums – obviously. The British Museum is my home from home
  • The Park – a particular favourite is the Museum Gardens in York. Home of the Yorkshire Museum. I love to take a bag full of goodies and spend the afternoon in the summer, watching the office workers taking a lunch break, the tourists milling around the old ruined Monastery, and below at the bottom of the hill the riverboats passing by.. Lunch and a good book and i’m sorted.
  • An angry sea on a grey day. I think it is my awe of nature in all its majesty. Makes you just realise how small we are and that a creator couldn’t possibly have made it all
  • In the summertime when i’m home –I spend the whole day outside in my courtyard until 10pm, when night closes in and im forced inside. I take so much stuff outside books etc, its a major operation hahaha – i only venture inside for food and drink and take it back outside to enjoy
  • I can hear the steam trains on their journey to the coast – another sound i love ( you can keep your electric trains)
  • I love watching the gliders high above me  too – funny because i’m terrified of heights and wouldn’t want to try it!
  • I love the sound of a typewriter – but sadly I don’t own one anymore
  • I also love the sound of silence – bees are allowed ☺

So you see I’m not an angry atheist, I live life and i enjoy every moment of it to the full. We are probably far happier than you, we have no guilt trip to contend with, in fact, we see things a lot more clearly than you , we know that the mistakes we make have repercussions and we deal with them and correct them. We have no confessional to off load the guilt trip and think it is okay to move on.

Just remember your a long time dead…..

Millions long for immortality who don’t know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon – Susan Ertz




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