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imageWell I’m not sure if our Punching Pope is on the ropes in the third round or if he is walking the tight rope over Niagara Falls. Either way its not looking good. I rarely think of the guy in the dress in Rome, he is somewhat In my mind a little old man sitting in his fairy castle with his imaginary friend and a few accomplices.  He sits there rich as Croesus and hoards his wealth like a miser. He taunts the Catholic society with rules and regulations irrelevent  in our times.

I do agree, he does throw some money to Catholic charities, which on the face of it would seem generous, however, we know how much he gives compared to how much they fill their coffers, and it equates to much less even than the tax he gets away with not  paying. A somewhat shamefully, deluded idiot one might say. However, recently he has taken the limelight in the popular press and media outlets. He seems to have created quite a stir during his visit to the Philippines.

The stories that made the headlines were as follows :-

  1. Catholics should not breed like rabbits
  2. There should be limits to freedom of speech
  3. Why does God allow children to become prostitutes

Now lets take these stories one at a time shall we:-


imageThe Pope used his trip to Asia to insist that the Catholic Church’s prohibition on artificial contraception does not mean followers should have large families.

“Some think, excuse me if I use the word, that in order to be good Catholics, we should behave like rabbits – but no” the 78 year old told reporters while flying from the Philippines back to Rome

Apparently he spoke of meeting a Filipino woman who had risked her life to give birth to seven children, via caesarean section, and revealed he had scolded her for her “irresponsibility” Now let me jump in here, shouldn’t we scold him for his ‘irresponsibility’ to his parishioners?  I am assuming this woman as a good catholic must have been having marital sex, so why scold the wife and not the husband? Is the Pope putting this on the shoulders of the wife only.

He still condemns the use of contraception despite the fact that it saves lives. You know I wonder how long his confessional takes each week, he has a lot on his shoulders, how many deaths are caused by him in Africa, by refusing birth control in Africa he is directly causing deaths from Aids.  How many innocent Catholics has he condemned to death in such a way? And why does he seem to think he has a right to dictate to anyone on their sex life. If he knows anything about sex… he shouldn’t .. right?


Of course what he means by this there should be limits to freedom of speech in relation to faith.  Bullshit! The Pope’s now infamous line on this was

“If my good friend Doctor Gasparri speaks badly of my mother, he can expect to get punched” he said throwing a pretend punch at the doctor, who was standing beside him

The Brazilian Daily, Folha de Sao Paolo, said this :-

“Why don’t you shut up!” they also went on to say describe him as the “politicking pope” acting like a village priest and said his remarks on freedom of expression were “cowardly and inaccurate”

What the Pope needs to understand is religion has no dispensation,he speaks a lot of the right of faiths, but never of humanity. Freedom of expression by its very essence has no limits, and he is deluded if he thinks otherwise. His decision to speak on the subject of Charlie Hebdo was unproductive and he inadvertently aided Islamic Jihadists and undermined western values in the process.


Glyzelle Palomar wept as she asked the Pope :-

“Many children get involved in drugs and prostitution.  Why does God allow these things to happen to us?  The children are not guilty of anything?”

What was the Pope’s response? He gave her a hug and said he didn’t have the answer…….. How completely bloody shameful, and we now have it, he doesn’t know, he has no answers, his religion is a mish mosh of old mythologies, god is nowhere, he is silent, he doesn’t exist. The Pope sits in his ivory tower surrounded by wealth and he can do nothing for people that believe him to be the holy father. He sits there living a lie he is fully aware of, and leads catholics around the world to carry on with their delusion.

He is sitting on a time bomb however, his congregation is getting smaller and smaller and eventually will die out. The third world countries of Africa and South America are where the most of the Catholics now reside and with the help of money and education they will eventually embrace a secular society. He will of course not wish to plow money into either of those continents as he is fully aware with education and money comes independence from religious dogma……….. image



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