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imageWell I admit I’m doing a detour, this was not supposed to be the subject for this week’s blog, so I guess there may be two this week…. Due to a story in the news my topic was chosen for me. So-called honour killings.  Honour killings are acts of vengeance, lets not beat around the bush, we should not even  use the term ‘honour killings’ it is quite simply murder! Of course, we are all aware of them, they are a feature of some patriarchal cultures and religions, a way to create fear as a tool of maintaining control. As Wiki says :-

“In many cultures where honour is a central value, men are sources, or active generators/agents of honour, while the only effect women can have as honour is to destroy it.  Once the honour is destroyed by the woman, there is a need for immediate revenge to restore it, in order for the family to avoid loosing face in the community”

Amnesty International’s statement notes are as follows:-

“The regime of honour is unforgiving, women on whom suspicion has fallen are not given an opportunity to defend themselves, a family members have no socially acceptable alternative but to remove the stain of honour by attacking the woman”

imageTo the west of course the shame is on the family, the stain is their disgusting inhumanity to a family member who should be loved, and who trusts her family with her welfare and care. THE HBVA (HONOUR BASED VIOLENCE AWARENESS NETWORK

5000 Honour killings internationally per year

1000 Honour killings in India each year

1000 Honour killings in Pakistan each year

12 honour killings in the UK each year

(these figures however are conservative and the probability is 5000 killings happen in Pakistan each year alone)

LEGAL ASPECTS OF HONOUR KILLINGS IN VARIOUS COUNTRIES image On writing this blog I wanted to take a look at where women stand within the law of various countries. Of course some Islamic Countries do not disclose the figures, or maybe don’t even record them in the first place.

  • JORDAN      Offer a complete defence for honour killings.
  • BRAZIL       Offer a complete defence for honour killings.
  • SYRIA         Honour killings – 2 years in prison – however if the judge thinks the killing was done with   honourable  intent the sentence is reduced
  • HAITI          Since abolished but stood for many years.  The right of a husband to kill his wife if he can prove adultery. Adultery has also been decriminalised
  • TURKEY      Persons sentenced to this crime are given a life sentence. In fact whole families have been known to be imprisoned for this crime
  • PAKISTAN   Known as Karo Kari. The practice is supposed to be prosecuted under ordinary murder. However, a man can simply claim the killing was for his honour.
  • EGYPT        There is a definite gender bias in favour of men in general, notably : Article 17.. judicial discretion is allowed to reduce sentences for honour killings.
  • PALESTINE  Gives pardons or suspended sentences for honour killings

Interestingly on researching this post, and looking into national legal codes, a recent survey shows the French general public were  more accepting of these practices than the public of other countries……..


imageA manual of Islamic Law, says that:-

“retaliation is obligatory against anyone who kills a human being purely intentionally and without cause” However, the same manual says:- “Not subject to retaliation is a father or mother for killing their offspring, or offspring’s offspring (Umdat Al-Salik o1 1-2) In other words, someone who kills their children incurs no penalty under Islamic Law Recent studies indicate that honour killings have escalated significantly in the last 20 years.

This could be because of jihadist extremism and Islamic fundamentalism, or that honour killings are being more accurately reported. The average age of the victim is 23 years of age, worldwide.  Half of the victims were daughters or sisters, about a quarter were wives or girlfriends of the perpetrators.  The remainder included mothers, aunts, nieces, cousins or non-relatives. Here are some scary figures :-

72% murdered by their families

42% of these murders were carried out by multiple perpetrators

50% of the victims were tortured first and didn’t die instantly

58% were murdered for being “too westernised”

It is clear that the Muslim girls and women were murdered for honour in both the West and the East. When they refuse to wear the Hijab, or  for behaving in a modern/western way, for wishing to attend university, have careers, live independent lives, have non-muslim friends, choose their own husbands, refuse arranged marriages.  The “westernisation” trend includes Muslim countries, but to a slower extent The westernisation trend accounts for :-

44% in Muslim countries

71% in Europe

91% in North America

imageTempted by western ideas, they hope to escape lives of subordination. They wish to be more than servants to their fathers and brothers. The level of primal, sadistic or barbaric savagery shown in honour killling toward female family members, is closely approximated to some murders in the west perpetrated by serial killers, who attack prostitutes and randomly selected females. It suggests the devaluation of girls and women, normalised child abuse( arranged marriages), sexual repression, misogyny and the demand of an increase in the violent ideology of Jihad, all leading to an increase in murderous evils of aggression.  You only have to kill a few girls/women to keep the others in line.

Honour killing is a form of domestic terrorism on a huge scale

HERE ARE SOME DETAILS FOUND BY IKWRO (IRANIAN AND KURDISH WOMENS RIGHTS ORGANISATION) The IKWRO sent Freedom of Information request to all 52 police forces in the UK.

  • 2823 – incidents of honour violence in Uk reported to the police last year
  • 13 forces did not respond


  1. London – 495
  2. West Midlands – 378
  3. W. Yorks – 350
  4. Lancs – 227
  5. Manchester – 189

The overall increase in honour violence is 57%. In London it has doubled to more than five times the national average.  these women need a voice, and we are it!  Let’s make the WHO, United Nations, Amnesty International etc make a change! It sickens me to see the pain these women are dealt by family members, families who should be their safe harbours.  There are women I walk past in  the street who must be going though this nightmare.  We should be able to guarantee equality for all in our communities, it should not be dependant on religious affiliation…. its the humane thing to do.

IN CONCLUSION I cannot believe women are still having to deal with this shit in the 21st Century…….


  • 2 Saudi women tried in a terrorism court for driving!
  • Delhi taxi drivers – are made to go to a compulsory classes for ” gender sensitisation” where they are taught how to ensure the safety of female passengers and respect them ! (unreal they have to be taught respect?.. are you kidding me?




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