imageSomething happens to our creativity as we go through the education process; most of us lose touch with it – Anthony Browne

Education is the foundation for all we do in life, it shapes who we are and what we aspire to. Creativity fuels innovation and it’s what we should strive to instil in future generations – Jim Hunt

First of all I must thank my friend @davidhughes109 for sending me some of the talks of Sir Ken Robinson, on our shared interest in Education. For anyone not aware of this fascinating man, he is an English author and speaker on education, creativity and innovation. In fact I  would recommend his book The Element , here is a small excerpt :-

Of course many people do do well in their schools and love what they have to offer. But too many graduate or leave early, unsure of their real talents and not knowing what direction to take next.  Too many feel what they are good at isn’t valued by Schools.  Too many think they’re not good at anything – The Element p.25


  1. People who don’t enjoy what they do and just get on with it and look forward to the weekend
  2. People who love what they do and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

So there we have it the first type  have no real sense of the talents they possess and for the second type, it isn’t just what they do , its who they are

In other words the majority of people go through life with natural talents that are buried deep within and the strictures of education have not allowed them to blossom. As Sir Ken says reforming our current education system is not good enough, we don’t need to evolve our current system we need a revolutionary change.   Humans are  diverse and our education system needs to compliment that.


I must admit I enjoyed the humorous stories throughout his talks and if I may would like to share one or two here :-

  • A little 6 year old girl, had difficulty in concentration on all lessons apart from drawing and would sit in a corner and draw by herself. The teacher went up to her and asked her ‘what are you drawing’. The little girl replied she was drawing god. The teacher smiled and said ‘but no one knows what he looks like’.  the girl replied ‘They will in a minute’
  • Another story was regarding a school group in their nativity play, when it got to the part of the Three Wise Men giving gifts, the first boy said ‘ I bring you gold’ the second boy said ‘I bring you Myrrh, then the third boy came along and said ‘Frank sent this’

Both stories though amusing are very telling, firstly that we expect children to fit in with our ideas of what education should be without looking at their talents and secondly, that its okay to make a mistake, that is how we learn.  You see in our education system there is a pressure to perform and not make mistakes. As we grow within the education system, we stop taking chances and try to have all the right answers or we stay quiet.

As a few famous men have said :-

Imagination is more important than knowledge

– Albert Einstein

I have not failed. Ive just found 10,000 ways that won’t work

-Thomas Edison

imageIf you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original

-Sir Ken Robinson

Dame Gillian Lynn shared her story, as a child she had found it difficult to keep still and concentrate on school work, she would be constantly moving around. Of course, this became a problem in school and her Mom took her to a therapist. After a lengthy conversation of the therapist watching her within the discussion, he asked if it was ok for him to go talk to her Mom alone. He popped on the radio and they left.  Moments later he told the mother to look through the door, Gillian was dancing around his office, he told the Mom there, she is a dancer.

Another Doctor may have given her medication and tried to calm her down of a medical condition of ADHD. What happened to Gillian? She went to the Royal Ballet School, became a soloist and eventually was connected with some of the most famous stage shows in London.  She is now a muli-millionaire with her own dance company…..

Just imagine that all might not have been!

We unfortunately stifle creativity and put the priority on academic accomplishments. We are not all academically inclined, some of us are dancing butterflies, or Piccasso’s.  We all have talents, we just have to find ours…….

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world – Nelson Mandela

The whole purpose of Education is to turn mirrors into windows – Sydney J Harris

Everyone is born an artist. The problem is to stay an artist as you grow up – Picasso

At present our education system is more like the assembly line at McDonalds, when it should be a gourmet restaurant, it needs to be customised to the needs of each individual.

Damn was that the bell? School’s over… safe journey home  🎓🎓🎓



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