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imageWell, finally that piece of shit Jihadi John has been named as Mohammed Emwazi, a Kuwaiti born Londoner.

What do we know about him:-

  • 1988 – Born in Kuwait, moves to Uk in 1994
  • 2009 – Completes computing degree at University of Westminster
  • Aug 2009 – Travels to Tanzania with friends for a safari, but refused entry at Dar es Salaam. Put on flight to Amsterdam and after questioning returns to Dover
  • Sep 2009- Travels to Kuwait to stay with his father’s family
  • Jul 2010 – Returns to Uk for a short stay but told he cannot return to Kuwait as visa denied
  • 2010 – Passes Celta English language teaching course
  • 2013 – Changes name by deed poll. Tries to travel to Kuwait but is stopped. Disappears. Parents report him missing. Police inform family he has entered Syria.

The family when told their son was in Syria replied with ” This could not be true, as their son was in Turkey assisting refugees”

Covering for him perhaps?

The disgusting reality is his family have known Jihadi John was Emwazi all the time and have kept it quiet.  They have been aiding and abetting a murderer.  I hope they have many sleepless nights ahead, waiting for the day their son is caught.  I hope they have remorse for what their disgusting son has done.  Let’s see if they go infront of the cameras condemning their sons actions, shall we?

This disgusting animal, has been involved in the beheading of many including the following:-

Steven Sotloff – US Journalist

David Haines – British Aid Worker

Alan Henning – British Taxi Driver

Abdul-Rahman Kassig – American Aid Worker

James Foley – US Journalist

Kenji Goto – Japanese Journalist

Journalists released by IS said he was one of the three British Jihadists guarding westerners abducted by the group in Syria – They were known collectively as “The Beatles”


imageOf course the BBC is doing its best to keep its head  firmly up its arse.  They set up a news conference with Asim Qureshi, Research Director of Cage, who has been in contact with Emwazi over a number of years. He described Emwazi as :-

“Extremely kind, gentle and soft spoken, the most humble young person he knew” (lets never go to him for a character reference)

he continued :-

“When we treat people as outsiders they will inevitably feel like outsiders – our entire national security strategy has only increased alienation” (clueless huh?)

So apparently it is our fault he became a religious mass murderer, sure, we felt he was a security risk, well hell we were right!

Mr Qureshi in effect knows jackshit about Emwazi, or he is an apologetic idiot of the highest degree.That Qureshi even has the audacity to blame the UK Intelligence Service for Emwazis actions is unpalatable bullshit!

Let’s be clear here, the person who was responsible for the radicalisation of Emwazi, and who was also a the centre of the network of Jihadi’s in London was Bilal Berjawi.

  • He flew in and out of the UK to Africa terror hubs routinely
  • Passed through airport security five times in three years
  • Bilal was the senior figure of Al-Qaeda
  • Bilal was killed in a drone attack in Somalia three years ago


“Court documents seen by The Telegraph reveal that Emwazi was part of an established network of extremists around the Ladbroke Grove area of London, most of them well known to the security services. A number have gone to fight in Syria, but the groups first taste of battle was five years ago, when they trained with the Al-Shabaab militant group in Somalia.

According to the Home Office legal document from 2012, they were part of a network of Uk and East African based Islamic extremists involved n the provision of funds and equipment to Somalia for terrorism related purposes.

The legal document which was related to so called TPIM’s – Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures- now reads like a who’s who of the British Jihadist scene”


The fact that his identity has been revealed ( the security services knew of his identity back in September 2014) proves that eventually we will have the identities of all British Jihadists. Now his days as a free man are numbered.

This will be a psychological blow to IS as they have gone to great lengths to keep his identity secret.

A spokesman for Steven Sotloffs family said ” We want to sit in a courtroom, watch him sentenced and see him sent to a super max prison”

David Haines, Sister said “I think all the families will feel closure and relief once there is a bullet between his eyes”


I found it very amusing that Qureshi seemed to think the Uk was to blame as Emwazi felt put upon and continually badgered by MI5. I think we are loosing sight of the fact we live in the United Kingdom not the Middle East.  If anyone should feel put upon its the British public.

Maybe if you weren’t trying to create a “Mini Islamic State” in the British Isles we would have some sympathy for you.  It isn’t about being more tolerant of Muslims, the point is if you move to a Western Civilization you play by the rules of our country, and not some book stuck in the Middle Ages.

Here’s what we don’t want, stick to this and you will be fine Mr Muslim :-

  • No to Mosques on every street corner
  • No to faith schools teaching militant ideologies
  • No to Sharia Law
  • No to child sex grooming rings
  • No to child marriages
  • No to FGM
  • No to halal meat being sold in our supermarkets
  • ……… should I go on?

You want to be part of our society then start showing some respect for our freedoms and values. You wanna live in the Middle Ages… go back to the Middle East!

The trouble with Islam is this, when you are the minority you scream for your freedoms and rights, but when you become the majority you take all those rights away from the minority.


Whenever we speak up for our rights you call us – Islamaphobic

Well Islam is – Caucasaphobic, Gynophobic, Atheophobic, Anti-Semitic, Racist and Genocidal ( did I leave anything out?)

Any sane human being knows Islam has got to go, and before you shout “lone wolf” let me ask you how many ‘lone wolves’ before you start calling it an army?

Put is this way if a man has cancer, do you use a band aid or do you eradicate the disease?



  • An Egyptian court jails activist Alla Abdel Fattah for 5 years for breaking protest laws
  • Man to be beheaded in Saudi Arabia after ripping up a koran and hitting it with his shoe
  • Secular activists and writer Avijit Roy murdered in Bangladesh for blogging




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