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imageIf there is one thing on the agenda I hate writing about, its blasphemy. Why you may ask? Because it comes from a somewhat archaic religious dogma and I see no relevance or need for it in our time.

Don’t get me wrong religious fruit loops may get pissed at us for making comments, writing cartoons etc,  that they dislike as they wouldn’t be allowed to make them. But isn’t that the point! Blasphemy should be within their belief system it has absolutely no control on what we say….

But it makes me angry when I see the persecution around the world for having a different opinion to theirs.We can take umbrage at a comment thrown at us … whether it be regarding atheism, evolution or whatever, we may not like it… but come on… its just words, pictures, expression of freedom. We can dislike it then we move on. Everyone has the right to freedom of speech and opinion. We don’t have to agree, hell we don’t have to like it, we can simply ignore it.

All great truths begin as blasphemies – George Bernard Shaw Blasphemy?

No, it is not blasphemy. If God is as vast as that, he is above blasphemy, if he is as little as that, he is beneath it – Mark Twain

I’m afraid I don’t believe there is such  thing as blasphemy, just outrage from those insecure in their own faith – Stephen Fry


Is the act of insulting or showing contempt for a god, holy person or things, or toward something considered sacred ( so a matter of opinion then)


In some countries with a state religion blasphemy is out lawed under the criminal code. Such laws have led to the persecution, lynching, murder or arrest of minorities and dissident members, over flimsy allegations.

As of 2012 33 countries have some form of anti blasphemy laws

  • 21 major muslim nations – Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Maldives, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Turkey, UAE and West Sahara
  • 12 other nations with blasphemy laws are – Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Nigeria, Poland and Singapore

In Denmark, section 140 of the penal code includes a blasphemy law, however, the last time this was used was in 1938 when a Nazi group was convicted of anti-semitic propaganda. Myanmar, December 2013. three men were charged with insulting religion after they allegedly distributed a picture depicting Buddha wearing headphones. ( he obviously isn’t a musician ) In 2012 99 convictions of blasphemy were noted in Malta with punishments ranging from fines to 10 months in prison


imageLet’s not forget blasphemy as is covers all religions, however, when we are discussing the seriousness of religious crime, we are usually on the front end of Islam. It is the youngest of the Abrahamic religious dogmas and the one in its teen years as we say. Christianity went through this blood thirsty phase in the Middle Ages, it now seems to be the time of the Islamic bullshit.

The UN Human Rights Council says it is likely that the issue of insulting religions will be raised at the councils session in March, at the request of Saudi Arabia. It is interesting that the Muslim sensitivities about public challenges to their faith with cartoons are so aggressively carried forth by Saudi Arabia.

The Western Muslims wallow in their victimisation , they don’t get so angry about the persecution of and discrimination against minorities in their Muslim majority countries.  Christians in the so-called Islamic States and Shia’s in Saudi Arabia are more marginalised than Muslim’s in Europe. What they are saying is Islam should be granted unique protections.  Or are they admitting that the Muslim community is incapable of responding to criticism and satire with calm, rational debate? The Muslim Action Forum (MAF) have launched a “legal strategy” to stop insults against Islam.

They are also lobbying to make “Islamaphobia” a criminal offence in the UK. They wish to promote a private members bill for “Global Civility” Yeah, that’s right, “Global Civility” if you just laughed yourself of your chair, pleaser re-sit and read on!  A concept in fact that in effect would prevent insulting religion.  This would in fact shoot them in the foot, as they insult all religions that aren’t theirs. Remember the placards re “Behead anyone that insults Islam” hmmm? A recent petition was sent to Downing Street with 100,000 muslim signatures.  Remember there are 3 million Muslims living in the UK, so 100,000 is a drop in the ocean……


The campaign for worldwide criminal penalties for the “defamation of religion” had been spear headed by “The Organisation of Islamic Co-operation” on behalf of the UN’s Muslim block. The campaign ended in 2011, when the proposal was withdrawn in Geneva in the Human Rights Council because of lack of support, marking an end to imposing worldwide blasphemy strictures along the lines of those in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

These strictures will never pass, it was brought up on several yearly sessions and each year the yes votes were less and less. Lets not worry about Saudi and their raising the issue again in March.


Their religion doesn’t respect other religions or people with no religion so we don’t need to respect theirs. As I have said before, when they are the minority they scream for their rights. When they are the majority they give no rights.

People are being persecuted , murdered and executed for rational thought, for being a voice of reason. When the world is free to speak without fear of flogging, beheading, torture and imprisonment… then we will live in a safer , happier world.

Stay well people and keep fighting for freedom of speech!



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