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imageWow, so we have the fun and games going on in Indiana, huh? Again the United States embarrasses itself.  I don’t understand the level of ignorance, the stupidity, the idiocy they seem to love to perpetuate each and every damn day.  You see, mistakenly it now seems, Europe used to think of you as a progressive western nation,  we were wrong.

You see we assumed like any normal progressive civilisation, that humanity and a secular governance came first……. no?  When your politicians show such ignorance what hope for the everyday man and woman in the street? I mean apparently 40% of the population in the US doesn’t understand evolution and believes Man landed fully formed on Earth 10,000 years ago? Wow….. just wow.

The true definition of living in the US right now must be a little bit like Disneyland for adults. Religion has you time travelling on permanent reverse. But you know even Peter Pan had to grow up, you cannot be a child forever, at some point in your life you have to wake up to the reality, science and truth. Let me be honest here a good politician must be a secular politician, and Im sure the founding fathers would agree with me.

imageIndiana you are heading into the crazy world of Human Right’s, you are heading back to the embarrassment of your racial segregation  and fifty years from now your grand children will be embarrassed by your stupidity! There have been many articles written this week, highlighting the fact that Indiana is not the only state with the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” and in fact that Clinton brought it in in 1993. However, Indiana differs from all the others in that it justify’s discrimination against individuals that might otherwise be protected under the law.  The other State’s RFRA’s also prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation, Indiana does not have one.  So, no matter how much Gov Pence wants to dance around the issue, he got it wrong! Let’s not be misled, this law is aimed towards LGBT discrimination. He may have made the most expensive mistake of his life, for his career and definitely going by the boycotting of Indiana is going by loss of millions.


The headline the next day in the Indianapolis Star was “FIX THIS NOW” and stated :-

Whatever its original intent it had created a deep mess, one that endangered the States reputation and its economy

I have been reading The New Yorker for many years, and Andy Borowitz has been hilarious on this issue in the past week or so. In his piece dated 26th March he says :-

While Pence’s action drew the praise of stupid people across America, former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer was not among them ” Even I wasn’t dumb enough to sign a bill like that”


Simple answer – nope.

The tenets of religion seem to espouse racism, homophobia and sexism and a few others but hey three is enough to be going on with.

Let me clarify – if you follow your religion how can you even comprehend equal rights for everyone? As a christian for example, I’m assuming Gov Pence must believe in the following :-

  • Pro-life
  • Anti-abortion
  • Anti-LGBT
  • Pro-creationism

imageUnfortunately for him, he will have a lot of voters that won’t agree with his stance on some or all of the above. My point is I guess, you have to be there for everyone not just the Christian’s. Secular governance is the only way people.


Did anyone else manage to read that imbecilic article by Ted Cruz’s Dad? You know the one where he sees atheist’s as sub human for not believing in a sky fairy?  The irony. is it me or do the religious fruit loops seem to be doing a good approximation of Hitler’s values?

Lets take a look at Daddy Cruz lol…. A few of his choice insane comments were :-

evolution is a communist trick aimed at converting people to atheism and that Obama is a tyrant who needs to go back to Kenya.

He goes on to explain how he is going to save mankind from atheism with his ‘solution’ :-

the problem of the godless is the creation of a series of  “Heathen Zones” fenced-in camps located mostly in Northern California and Vermont.  While they are in their ‘Heathen Zones’ they are free to dance naked around the fire, brand the mark of the devil on their flesh or whatever they want to do, of course if they step one foot outside of the electrified fence we shoot them between the eyes. Two or three times just to be sure”

Yep , you heard it, this guy apparently is a Christian, as i said religion is the insanity, and people like him should be locked up! He also argued the following if we dared to have children

Any children spawned in these camps would be removed at birth so they would not be drawn into secular humanism via their mothers.

Now if anyone is in any doubt why Atheist’s are vocal  and we are going to carry on being vocal until religion is as dead a mythology as all the other’s .You  now know the reason why! Ive never heard a single atheist threaten to push theist’s in camps for the insane, because trust me it is where this guy needs to be!

Religion is the cancer we have been stuck with for far too long, and let’s get the cure for that bullshit as soon as possible. In the meantime, your gonna have to live with us until you wake up, so lets get a few rules out there

You don’t like gay marriage? – Don’t get one

You don’t like abortion? – Don’t have one

Don’t like birth control? – Don’t use it

Don’t like sex? – Don’t have it

Don’t like porn? – don’t watch it



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