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As you know my parents opted me out of having to take part in religious indoctrination and bullshit. I turned out alright😜😜😜


On a slightly drizzly day in the UK I was driving my 7 yr old daughter to her swimming lesson when I witnessed one of the most beautiful sights in nature, it was a rainbow that was as clear and vivid as I have ever seen. I’m sure you all know how one is formed so I won’t insult your intelligence by explaining the principle but I thought my daughter could use this as a learning moment.

I asked her what made the rainbow and the answer I got back not only shocked and angered me but it also made me realise that I had been naive in the upbringing of my daughter.  My view has always been that I should let Phoebe pick her own path, not pushing my secular views or my thoughts on religion; when she is old enough I had agreed with my wife she can make her…

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