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imageMy twitter Sis @Frankiebird01 unknowingly woke me up with an email this morning. As a self certified insomniac this is not such a big deal so I forgive her ;-).

However, the email was to say the least distressing. Why you may ask?. Read on…

Frankie sent me a link to a situation been brought to the world’s attention by Amnesty International. You may by now have heard the story as we have been posting it all over the social media platforms. I am talking of a ten year old Paraguayan girl who, having been raped by her step-father is now being denied an abortion due to the fact termination  is illegal in the mainly Catholic country of Paraguay.

It has been reported that the young girl’s mother had informed the authorities that the step father had been abusing her daughter and they took no action. To be fair this could be because the mother then rescinded her accusations and continued to co-habit with the girls step father. We may question what the hell was the mother thinking, however, we have no idea of her situation. As a mother myself i cannot imagine sharing my home with a man who i knew had abused my child, but that is for another time, what we are discussing here is the 10 year old and her right to choose.

In January her daughter complained of severe stomach pains and ended up in the hospital. On hearing that her daughter was in fact 21 weeks pregnant, she requested an abortion. Currently Paraguay only allows abortion if the pregnancy is life threatening.

What happened next…… well, the mother was arrested and imprisoned on 27th April and accused of failing in her duty of care. The step-father is as we speak on the run. The young girl has been taken to a shelter for young mothers.

imageDespite pleas from the mother and the international community, the Paraguayan government have refused to allow the abortion stating the girls life is not in danger. If and when she develops complications her situation will be re-assessed.

“Right now, there is no reason to interrupt the pregnancy” stated L Sosa, Director for Healthcare programs the Ministry of Public health and Wellness. ” In fact given the early stage of the pregnancy, it is even more dangerous for the girl to undergo the abortion procedure”

Amnesty International said Paraguay’s abortion restrictions violated international law and risked the young girl’s life.

Lilian Soto , Feminist activist said:-

” When you consider the threat of life and the anatomical and psychological risks, the first step taken in pregnancies of girls under 13 should be abortion”

The Paraguayan Public Health Minister has established a special commission to look into the case and are monitoring the 10 year old, who she says has no complications at this time.

Guadalupe Marengo, America’s Deputy Director at Amnesty International, had this to say:-

” The physical and psychological impact of forcing this girl into an unwanted pregnancy and birth against her will is tantamount to torture”

Of course the Pro-life sites have been out in force saying:-


Am i missing something here, shouldn’t a young girl and her mother have control over their own bodies. Am I the only one who finds it disgusting that a government has a say in women’s reproduction processes?  How can they feel it is okay for a ten year old child to become a forced mother!


  • According to the Paraguayan Ministry of Health there were 684 cases of pregnancy in young girls aged between 10-14 years of age.
  • In 2013 – 2 million girls gave birth under the age of 14 in developing countries
  • It is estimated that 70,000 adolescents die each year from complications in child birth

Now you be the judge do you think it fair to deny a ten year old child her childhood?




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