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imageI dont understand why people have to hate us. I don’t understand their fear of people who are different. I  just don’t understand!

I will tell you now I shed a few tears today for a man I have never known and now will never have the opportunity to know. I guess as an atheist I value human life, we only have one, and they have taken it away from a man who hurt no one.

There will be no outcry from government leaders  or religious leaders. Why?  Because they pander to religious ideologies and  turn deaf ears to religious persecution of secular human beings.

NILOY NEEL – A fourth atheist blogger was murdered today  – in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Murdered in his own home, hacked to death by a gang armed with machetes. He had gone to the police advising he was being threatened with no help forth coming.

Imran H Sarkar, head of the Bangladesh Blogger and Activist Network said :-

He was a voice against the fundamentalism and extremism, a voice for minority rights – especially women’s rights and the rights of indigenous peoples

All four men killed were on a list of 84 “Atheist bloggers” drawn up by Islamic Groups in 2013 and widely circulated. It was originally submitted by the government with the aim of having bloggers arrested and tried for blasphemy. Not all bloggers on this list are in fact “Atheists” but belong to a wider secular movement that hope to make a change in society.

Bangladesh whilst offiicially secular is showing an indifference to attacks on bloggers by Islamic militants.

imageAVIJIT ROY  – murdered in February, championed Atheism and also tackled issues such as homosexuality – murdered in Dhaka

imageWASHIQUR RAHMAN – murdered in March, hacked to death in Dhaka

imageANANTA BIJOY DAS – murdered by masked men with machetes in Sylhet. He had previously been receiving death threats.

I cannot imagine the fear within the small community of online atheists in Bangladesh right now. They should be able to rely on the government and police but alas I fear they are sadly lacking.


In fact six bloggers have been arrested on charges of “hurting religious sentiment”. Sarah Hossain, a human rights lawyer has said

The concern that many of us have is that while you cannot hurt religious sentiment, you can hurt secular sentiment as much as you want

Mr Inu defended government actions:-

We have certain laws that say you shouldn’t use religion in the wrong manner, if you incite somebody or you incite disorder, then you are supposed to be arrested to fact trial

One blogger said :-

There isn’t an inch of safe space in Bangladesh, with a blogger now killed at home, how can I think my house is safe.

This issue needs to be taken up by the United Nations of Human Rights ( lets try to keep Saudi Arabia out of this one), religion has no rights above and beyond human rights.

People deserve to be able to speak out without fear, and live in a safe environment no matter where they are in the world.

If the Islamic extremists think for one moment they stop us they are very wrong, we will shout, we will scream, we will not give up until everyone has the right to speak, live, love and laugh without persecution from mythological creations that are man made and have no relevance in our world today.

I will leave you with this thought :-




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