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imageWell, hell! The shit we see, right? I will admit I have watched the documentary Scientology: Going Clear… The Prison Of Belief about a dozen times.

I now feel I was completely clueless into the truth behind this cult. Having studied various cults for a previous blog I had found this one pretty harmless.

How wrong I was!!!!

I relegated it to a single paragraph in my previous post Religious cults but, after watching the documentary, I wanted to know more; in particular with the ‘auditing’ process and the ‘defectors’.

If you haven’t watched the Emmy award winning documentary, I urge you to do so.  It really gIves an insight into religion and its indoctrination processes.  But let me tell you more about what I found interesting about the piece.


imageHubbard was best known for his fantasy and Science Fiction novels of which he wrote over a 1000. The going rate for freelance writers at the time was only one cent a word, so you can imagine the output required to make enough money to live on. He would put these years of pulp fiction writing to good use.

It would come into play when, on leaving a not so distinguished career in the Navy, he would write a novel entitled “Dianetics” which did, indeed, make the best seller list. However, as his Dianetics novel appeared to be a flash in the pan and sales dwindled, he needed to create something more substantial. He knew religion was a money maker so he decided to create his own. Much of the ‘Religion’ of  Scientology is based on his Science Fiction stories – his “theology” you might say.

He attributed his cure for the blindness and lameness he incurred in the Navy to his new regime. Interestingly,   his naval records only mention mild arthritis and conjuncitivis.

It seems he used the notions in his book “Dianetics” and his later  ‘Scientology” movement, as his own self help book. He clearly had mental issues he was trying to resolve. His ex-wife mentions how he threatened to commit suicide if she refused to marry him. When she finally left him, he did in fact kidnap their child and there are any number of articles out there on what happened next.

His mental health issues played  throughout his life and at one time he even wrote a letter requesting psychiatric help from the US Navy. Alas, there seems to have been no response and he carried out his own kind of therapy with his Scientology puppets. In the late sixties, hounded by the IRS for non payment of taxes, he fled on the high seas with his ‘Sea Organisation’ – his ministers in training if you will. He toured the Med with his ships until, being unable to land in any port in the Mediterranean, he fled back to Florida where he landed and lived the rest of his life in hiding.

His ‘new’ religion carried on apace and more and more members joined up for the auditing sessions that would supposedly be life changing at a few thousand dollars a pop.


imageAuditing is defined by Scientology as a process/procedure carried out by a trained auditor, the asking of a question, getting an answer and acknowledgment for that answer.

In other words it is a similar approximation to the Roman Catholic confessional or the psychiatrist’s couch. In this instance, however, you hold cans in your hands which are hooked up to a machine similar to a lie detector. The process of auditing is to enable you to let go of the bad thoughts and release yourself or ‘clear’ your mind and let it go.

The auditing employs a device called an ‘ E-meter’ or Hubbard Electropsychometer which measures changes in the electrical resistance of the ‘pre-clear’ by passing a small electric current through the ‘pre-clears’ body by means of a pair of tin-plated tubes (empty baked bean cans). This, allegedly, indicates changes in the reactive mind.

This auditing is to get them across the “Bridge of Freedom” and hopefully up to OTVlll, the highest level you can ascend to in the Scientology strata. We now know that notes are taken at all these sessions and, in some cases when Scientologist’s have threatened to leave, details in their folders have been used to both harass and discredit them. There is a rumour that this is bordering on blackmail and maybe the reason why famous faces like Travolta and Cruise have never left the church.

Hubbard always made mention of the fact the auditing was nothing to do with psychiatry. They are in fact required to sign legal contracts, which state, among other things that followers deny any psychiatric care their doctors may prescribe for them:-

I do not believe in or subscribe to psychiatric labels for individuals. It is my strongly held religious belief that all mental problems are spiritual in nature and that there’s no such thing as a mentally incompetent person – only those suffering from spiritual upset of one kind or another dramatised by an individual. I reject all psychiatric labels and intend for this Contract to clearly memorialise my desire to be helped exclusively through religious, spiritual means and not through any form of psychiatric treatment, specifically including involuntary commitment based on so called lack of competence. Under no circumstances, at anytime do I wish to be denied my right to care from members of my religion to the exclusion of psychiatric care of psychiatric directed care, regardless of what any psychiatrist, medical person, designated family member of the state or family member may assert supposedly on my behalf

The Anderson Report conducted in 1965 by the State of Victoria, Australia found that auditing in fact involved a form of “authoratative” or command “hypnosis” in which the hypnotist assumes “positive authoritative control” over the subject.

As of 2011 auditing is considered a spiritual practice by the government of Australia.

Once you get across the bridge up to OTlll, a new world opens up. You are are given special papers hand written by Hubbard and are told to keep them locked up for safety. Anyone not cleared would suffer terrible torments it seems. Why, you may ask? Because from here on in you are given the secrets of creation.


Xenu was the Dictator of the “Galactic Confederacy” who 75 million years ago brought billions of people to Earth (known as Teegeeack) in a DC-8 spacecraft, dropped them into volcanoes and killed them with hydrogen bombs. Scientology then tells us that the “Thetans” (immortal spirits) adhere to humans at birth causing spiritual harm.

Luckily, if you go through the processes of induction and reach OTlll level, you’re so mind fucked by this time you will believe any outlandish shit you are told.

The church avoids any mention of Xenu in public as until you reach OTlll it is kept secret and they claim copyrights and trade secrecy. You are then what Scientologists call an ‘Operating Thetan’ and classed as a spiritual being above ‘clear’ and defined as

“knowing and willing cause over life, thought, matter, energy,space and time (MEST)”


imageScientology has had a written programme governing celebrity recruitment since 1955 when Hubbard created “Project Celebrity’ offering rewards to Scientologist’s who recruited targeted celebrities.

Anne Archer ( her son Tommy Davis is the Head of the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles

Juliette Lewis

Jenna Elfman

  • Kirstie Alley
  • John Travolta
  • Kelly Preston
  • Tom Cruise
  • Elisabeth Moss
  • Isaac Hayes
  • Giovanni Ribisi
  • Dave Brubeck
  • Priscilla Presley

Celebrities who have since left:-

  • Jason Beghe
  • Nicole Kidman
  • William S Burroughs
  • Lisa Marie Presley
  • Don Simpson
  • Mimi Rogers
  • Christopher Reeve
  • Jeffrey Tambor

Don’t you wonder what the hell they were thinking?


imageDavid Miscavige took over as Director and Dictator of Scientology on the death of Hubbard in 1986. He is to Scientologists what the pope is to catholics – a leader who sets the tone, establishes goals and ensures that Hubbard’s practices and teachings are followed with the utmost precision. He takes it seriously…

Miscavige carries on deluding his followers into thinking they are growing in numbers, which in effect is not difficul to do as they are told to ignore the internet and any negativity toward their religions they may find there. Most ex followers of Scientology admit they never read anything on the internet until they were leaving.

The grand-daughter and great-grandson of Hubbard have left the Church and to add insult to injury Miscavige’s family are leaving in their droves including his Uncle, Father, brother, niece and an ex-wife. You can find the title of Jenna Miscavige’s book at the end of this article, she is the niece of David Miscavige and an outspoken critic of Scientology.

Shelly Miscavige, David’s wife has not been seen since 2007, shortly after she “filled several job vacancies” without her husband’s permission.

The philosophy of Scientology is never defend always attack and they take defending their religion seriously. They keep files on their enemies (suppressive persons), they create websites of ex-followers spouting lies and propoganda by any means possible including corrupt, immoral and sinister use of their pre clear folders.

Just to give you an idea the numbers of Scientologist’s in the US in 2001 were 55,000 as of 2008 they had dropped to 25,000.

Worldwide we have the following figures

  • Canada 1,525
  • Germany 5,000
  • New Zealand 282
  • Switzerland 1,000

To date worldwide the figure would be under  50,000. Scientology is facing extinction.

imageScientology is acknowledged around the world in the following terms:-

  • A RELIGION – US, Italy, South Africa, Australia, Sweden, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain
  • A CULT – France and Chile

To put the HUGE numbers of Scientology into perspective :-

Ba’hai – numbers 84,000  followers

Wiccans, Pagans and Druids – number 307,000  followers

I think it is about time Scientology was reclassified as it it in no way makes sense as a religion. A religion should give back to the community and not be a profit making corporation. However, despite the follower numbers diminishing, Scientology is making a profit year after year by buying property world wide. To give you an idea of the 20 churches, three alone are worth $1.503,163.225.00 alone.


Because they are discovering the true nature of Scientology. Accounts by former members and staff paint a picture of fraud, abuse and human rights violations, all carefully hidden by the church. There are now thousands of insider accounts proving these abuses. Dozens of book are now available on bookshelves by journalists, ex-scientologists and even family members of Miscavige.


On watching the documentary I was struck by the fact that, if I had been sitting in a room of theists, they would probably have gone through all the same emotions and feelings I had gone through. Interestingly I would have been the only one who would have seen the parallels with their religions.

Many followers have walked away because of the abuse or that they were told they had to ‘disconnect’ from loved ones who had become ‘suppressive persons’. The harassment these ex-followers have to undergo is shocking and I commend everyone for doing so. In fact, Paul Haggis (filmmaker) felt shame that he had staped so long within the church and had not been aware – until he left – how his daughters had been persecuted for being gay.

How one follower had left the church when she realised she had chosen this for herself but had no right to impose it on her children, made a big impact on me. All credit to her!

No parent should inflict their religion on their children, it should be an informed choice.

Any religion is a matrix of thought that is not your own and when you are out, you realise your life up until this point has been a lie. For those of you still in a religion, you justify yourself by ‘faith’. The truth is, if you’re living a life prescribed by religion, you are living in a perpetual hell – a mythical cloud of delusion. Your religion merely preys on your fear of death and of a non-existent hell or that, at best, you will be alone. Trust me you are never alone.

Please, if you get time watch the Emmy award winning documentary, I promise you will not have wasted your time.


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