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imageThe topic of Paedophillia is as subjective as it is delicate. This condition of the mind is one we’ve been acutely aware of for many years, but is something we’ve never looked at in any depth until recently.

Our thoughts on this issue were started by a conversation involving a twitter follower, who’s absolute abhorrence towards these predators drives her to engage with them, in the attempt to firstly instil in them the absolute knowledge they will not be tolerated on social media and then to ultimately drive them from the very forums they exploit. It is after all, via social media that many sexual predators create insular networks of (minor attracted) individuals, who’s sexual desire for children can be shared and possibly facilitated.

There are , however, two sides to every story and we will try  to lay out a balanced case for this mental illness. We choose to refer to Paedophillia as “mental illness” because regardless of “sexual orientation” (The favoured justification for such behaviours ) the self confessed paedophiles we’ve engaged with show a lack of moral and ethical substance, something we will highlight later with some telling and very offensive quotes we have gathered from Tweets by several minor attracted individuals.

imageMany onlookers will naturally assume that all Paedophiles are sexual offenders, however this is not the case. Many are sexually attracted to children but never actually commit the crime of Molestation, this is, in fact the major point we would like to address. We are of the firm opinion that even the potential for child molestation by self proclaimed paedophiles is in itself worthy of social segregation. Of course the converse argument to this premise is that many people have the potential to commit heinous crimes as set out by the standards of each and every country in which they reside. We’ve asserted in discussions that the mental disorder of paedophilia is closely related to that of any other psychosis and should be treated as such.


Paedophilic disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). The manual defines it as a paraphilia in which adults or adolescents 16 years of age or older have intense and recurrent sexual urges towards, and fantasies about prepubescent children that they have either acted upon ( Child molestation ) or which cause them distress or emotional conflicts.

The International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) defines it as a sexual preference for children of prepubertal or early pubertal age.

One of the major issues when ascertaining clarification, regarding when a crime of molestation has been committed, is in the seemingly endless conflicts between governmental consent guides and the intuitive and human moral guides set out and adhered to by the general population.


In the UK a person of 16 years of age cannot be considered an offending Paedophile if they have sex with a 15 year old. In Germany the age of consent is 14, this age of consent is in place to allow teens of the same age to have consensual sex. The problems with an age of consent of 14 are glaringly obvious, unless the two consenting partners are of the same age.

I would challenge any Mother or Father to agree in allowing their 14 year old son or daughter to engage in intimate relations with a 50 year old woman or man. The age of Consent in the UK that we alluded to a short while ago does have some important nuances, the most important of which is the 5 year rule. Basically a 16 year old would have to be intimately involved with an 11 year old to have committed the crime of molestation, thus 15 years old with 10 years old, 14 years old with 9 years old, etc.

imageThe age of consent is a very sensitive issue however, some European countries such as Malta, allow consensual sex at the age of 12. It is interesting to note at this stage that the age of consent in the Vatican City is 12 and one doesn’t have to go far to wonder why?

Muslim countries do not of course have an age of consent as sex outside of marriage is illegal, for the purpose of this article and in keeping with reality, we will avoid the preposterous practices of Islam.


At the top of this Blog We pointed to some instances of Inhuman thoughts that Paedophiles call upon when challenged with uncomfortable questions and premises. The tweets shown below are just two examples of the unacceptable nature of the language and intent that self proclaimed Paedophiles employ on social media forums.


The next tweet was aimed at another twitter user who was questioning this Self proclaimed Paedophiles morals. Notice the message of support just below this tweet.


Just two examples of a deep psychosis that Paedophiles exhibit.

If we may direct your attention back to the first screen shot of the tweet sent by Patrick Simmonds, you will notice one of the tagged users is @GhandisOBlocked. This is one of myriad accounts held by Paedophile campaigner Nigel Oldfield. Below are several others.

@TMightyone @OSC__TPR @greenblueMAP @LiberationHQ @GhOffspring @kommandatur999 @ghandisoffspri1 @GahnGhandis

imageIf You now refer to the second offensive tweet sent by @ExSexoffender you will notice a supportive tweet sent by @TMightyone. Yes, This is Nigel Oldfield the Paedophile campaigner. We suggest Oldfield has the moral standards of a rapist not a high profile campaigner.

We have a close mutual friend who has experienced sexual abuse and openly admits, on social media forums, that He was raped by a man at the age of 8.

Due to the nature of Twitter our friend found himself involved in a discussion with two self confessed Paedophiles. Would they empathise with our friends harrowing past experiences? Would they do has they did with @Vongrime and discuss their mental state and misunderstood condition? No! They subjected our friend to humiliating abuse. This attitude is clearly a sign of Sociopathy, another condition that robs the mind of all empathy and drives the sufferer to do and say anything necessary to achieve their goal of self gratification.

When a twitter user was discussing the mental condition of Paraphilia with two self proclaimed Paedophiles, Both male, over 3 days, (I would like to point out that many women have been diagnosed with Paraphilia and should never be overlooked when researching this condition ) the theme was one of apologetic reasoning. The pseudo-justification and underlying belief set out by the Paedophiles was one of innocence. When a twitter user asserted that a 14 year old girl is not a morally acceptable conquest for a 40 year old man, be it in Germany, Malta or anywhere else in the rational thinking world, the Paedophiles were reluctant to engage his line of critical thinking, preferring to deflect with links to nondescript medical misdirection, that seemingly ignored moral standards and relied entirely on Biology.

It is this appalling inability to accept and to confront their obvious Psychosis that leads Paedophiles to seek out other adherent minds. They do this to hide themselves behind a veil of normality, a veil that allows for sociopathic control, not just of their victims but of all detractors.


The Paedophile Information Exchange was a British pro-paedophile activist group, founded in 1974 and officially disbanded in 1984. It was described by the BBC as “an international organisation of people who trade obscene material”



What we do know is there were many high profile politicians and public figures involved in this organisation. One of whom you most definitely know and he made a point of trying to over rule banning the above organisation.





This is a book written by the Paedophile  activist Tom O’Carroll, former chairperson of PIE. He advocates for the normalisation of adult-child relationships from the age of 4.

He states:

that each stage of the sexual relationship between an adult and a child can be ‘negotiated’ with “hints and signals, verbal and non verbal, by which each indicates to the other what is acceptable and what is not”… the man might start by saying what pretty knickers the girl is wearing, and he would be far more likely to proceed to the next stage of negotiation if she seemed pleased by the remark.

This idea is repulsive when a child is naturally trusting of adults, but we are not dealing with normal morals or ethics within the paedophile mindset. You will hear this argument by paedophiles all the time in social media.


Studies in paedophillia have been found to co-0ccur with other psychopathologies, such as low self-esteem, depression, anxiety and personality problems. they have an impaired self concept, elevated psychopath and cognitive distortions compared to healthy community controls.

imageThey justify their wants by re-defining their actions as love and mutuality and exploit the power imbalance in adult-child relationships. Other cognitive distortions include the idea a ‘child is a sexual being’, uncontrollability of sexual behaviour and sexual entitlement bias.

The most reliable indicator of paedophilia is the predilection for child pornography. Paedophiles collect explicit images of children and are involved in anonymous internet communities dedicated to promoting a campaign to normalise paedophilia.


 One point that we feel is overlooked time and time again is the effects that perceived male sexual deviancy has on general male acceptance. Jay has expressed several times in conversation that he feels unable to approach a child in the street, be it to ask if the child is lost, looking for mummy and daddy or just to wish the child a good day, how are you doing!

He feels he will be unfairly subjected to confirmation bias by onlookers due to the prevalence of men who have been exposed as sexual predators over eons . The percentages will of course show paedophilia to be a greater problem amongst men than it is in women, nevertheless female paedophiles are much wider spread than many would comfortably accept.

This anomaly however, should not detract from the very real abuse of social systems by groups of coordinated (minor attracted) individuals who are blatantly forgoing rules and regulations as set out by  media forums.

This piece came about with the help of a few close friends. Not a subject I usually get involved with, but one we were all unable to brush under the carpet. The fact is, there are paedophiles actively, verbally abusing good people on twitter. The fact they can verbally assault  people who have been abused is abhorrent to me and many others. There are children on twitter who they may be ‘grooming’.

During a period of three days I had noticed a fellow blogger, trying to discuss in a calm manner with them their motivation, but, they were not really of a mind set to talk. The said blogger and I wrote this piece together although he doesn’t wish  to be named, the help was much appreciated.

Many thanks for your help!!



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