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“Twenty Five

A past of disaster
A future of promise

At life we’re no masters
At best we are novice

You may find no answers
But at least you are honest

Unlike an imposter
Who fakes having knowledge

We are not perfect
But there is no downfall
From which we can’t recover
Life may weigh like an anvil
But you are not walking dead
And when things get difficult
Pick yourself up and try again

Cause you are real
Alive and worth it

Do not feel you are unimportant

Get up and try to improve
Even when you feel completely removed

Life is all around us
Don’t just exist
Live like nature
Ever changing tune”


I hope you enjoyed resident poet Ashleighs most recent poem to my site….

Ash has recently started his own blog site and although new well worth a follow please check him out >>>> Ashleigh Godsell