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‘In itself, every idea is neutral, or should be; but man animates ideas, projects his flames and flaws into them; impure, transformed into beliefs, ideas take their time, take shape as events: the trajectory is complete, from logic to epilepsy … whence the birth of ideologies, doctrines, deadly games.’

– E. M. Cioran

The world needs education, it needs to learn it is time to go beyond the restriction of negativity perpetuated by religion; It needs to determine that the value of humankind is not in whether or not it believes in some particular deity of choice, but the belief in humanity as a whole.

Our world is hanging in the balance because of ignorance that abounds in the tribalistic mindset of divided religions. Allow me to say right here, I have no issue with anyone having a personal relationship with their geographically chosen deity, as long as it stays personal. Right now we are on the cusp of a dystopian society relegating equality to a pipe dream and a theocracy based regime of negativity, oppression and a deficiency of human decency.

We did not pull ourselves out of the medieval retrograde of Catholicism into the science-based era of Enlightenment to allow pernicious religious fundamentalists to pull us back in. We do not need to be divided by fear – we must be united in saving our world for the future.

Religious belief should not get a free pass to pull ideological punches and then plead victimization when we push back on their inhumane stance on the LGBT community, archaic laws on abortion, etc. Bigotry cannot be enclosed in the insensitive cloak of theism and be allowed to preach its hatred.

Two cases in point have shouted from the void to me over the last few weeks as I assume they have to a lot of atheists. The homophobic reality within Islam highlighted by the ignorance of religious parents in Birmingham and the ongoing disparity between the rights of men vs women in the US.



Whichever way you slice the situation in Birmingham you can’t ignore the homophobic message cloaked in religious belief. The rules of the land are plain, equality for all is non- negotiable, and if it doesn’t fit in with our belief system then you should move to a country that does. I found it highly ironic that the argument put forth by Muslim parents was that ‘the lessons are intolerant of Islamic beliefs and are indoctrinating children by teaching them about same-sex relationships and gender identity’. The irony is thick, in my personal opinion ‘and religion’ should not be able to indoctrinate children into the un-natural beliefs of a man-made religion until they are of an age to decide for themselves.  It seems equality and decency are not part of the Islamic remit.

Let us not beat around the bush, this is a hate crime against the LGBT community on the basis of religious bigotry.  The majority of the people participating in homophobic behavior outside the Birmingham school have no students there themselves, they are inciting hatred for a lack of understanding of natural sexuality found in nature. The unnatural behaviors are in fact wholely perpetuating religious bigotry and tribalism and our government needs to stand up to.

Recent report on the situation of LGBT schools under fire from Homophobic community.


UnknownWhether you live in the US or not the Alabama Abortion issue has not been out of the news. Let me say right now, abortion should be left in the room between a woman and her doctor, it should not even be on the table in a political arena. The fact is for a country that prides itself on the ‘separation of church and state’, I’m at a loss why this is even on the table. After all, this is a nation that at its very core was built upon the concept of free will to all men, perhaps that should be updated to, ‘ free will to all men and women’.

One has to question the right of 15 men to choose the right of a woman to have autonomy over her own body, a right that men seem to have? I suspect this will be the smoking gun and only help the Democrats in the 2020 elections as four out of five voters oppose the new abortion laws.

As I’ve discussed on twitter no one can possibly be pro-life and yet promote the 2nd amendment and the death penalty. 25,000 children (under the age of five) die around the world every day from disease, starvation, and poor water, how about those pro-lifers do something about that!

Read on how US groups are suing Alabama over the extreme abortion ban.

God: a perpendicular fall upon our fear, a salvation landing like a thunderbolt. The soul on the dole for lack of anxiety.

– E M Cioran

In Conclusion

Religion gallops to and relishes the thought of the end of the earth, whilst the truly humane wish to save it for future generations.

God is love? If so, the time has come to show it, for humanity as a unit to rise above our own walls, walls that we have created, we argue and argue about how we could have done such a thing, how could the beautifully ignorant idea of us not being a cellular accident, of not being a mistake floating through an infinite space, of being chosen by a diety have spiralled out of control. Humanity formed on this planet in conflict, it is up to us and the future generations, Atheist and Theist alike, as to if humanity will be undone by it.

Religion is all about mind control, perverting the course of humanity and controlling the majority for the preservation of the minority. Too strong? ….. Too late we are onto you.

The solutions offered by our ancestral cowardice are the worst desertions of our duty to intellectual decency. to be fooled, to live and die duped, is certainly what men do.

– E M Cioran