A Christian Nation?…


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imageA Christian Nation…

It has a connotation of being tolerant , forgiving and kind. Mistakenly it apparently denotes someone courteous, considerate, modest, helpful and generous.

Yes I know…….This is not how i see ‘christian values.’ Continue reading

Atheism: The Ancient Opposition…


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img_7434Atheism is not a modern invention, nor is it a product of the European Enlightenment, or for that matter, inconceivable without the Western Secular States and/or science. That is a myth! A myth nurtured by some on both sides of the debate. On one side some atheists wish to present their skepticism toward the supernatural as a result of science’s progressive eclipse of religion, and on the other side the religious wish to see it as a pathological symptom of a decadent western world consumed by capitalism. Continue reading

There Is A Beautiful Reality… And Then There Is Religion…


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imageReligion manifests in the imagery of the believer. We are all aware some believe in the ‘pink fluffy bits’ of the texts. I’m sure you recognize the ones  who pull out the nice stuff, that will give them some modicum of secular reasoning to aid their belief system, nicely blanking out the ugliness in their biblical text.

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Oldest Recorded Laws…. Take That You Biblical Morality Police!


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Wimagee have been around for 200,000 years and  with the introduction of writing we have the written laws of our ancestors. Now on a daily basis one of the most discussed pieces of sophistry is the belief that morality was created by the Abrahamic Religion.

The absurdity of such a notion is of course refuted by any rational human being, alas we are not talking to a rational, well balanced individual when this subject comes up. Anyway as always I do take their comments on board and do some searching. The following is both a fascinating look into the pre-Judaic (Halakha) rules in their Torah and confirms what the rest of the world knows, morality pre-dates the Bible. Continue reading

“What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate” …Flat Earthers


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imageIn the 21st Century, the term “flat-earther” is used to describe someone who is spectacularly – and seemingly wilfully – ignorant. Also known as Flat Earth Myth, Flat Earthism and Platygeism,  there is a group out there who claim the Earth really is flat.

You will see  me on twitter from time to time playing ping pong with these idiots, a momentary distraction on  my part I assure you. It is impossible for a Flat Earther to explain away all the problems with their theory, mostly because the evidence they provide is generally pulled out of their asses. I begin to believe it is all a hoax… Continue reading

A Fly On An Elephant’s Ass…


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imageI don’t know if Helen of Troy launched a thousand ships, but a tweet can definitely launch a thousand words. Conversations on twitter more frequently than not, however, never come at the right time for long discourse. This morning, for instance, 6am and I am merely sneaking a peak at my iPad to see a dozen or so notifications flashing up. Continue reading

The Flood Myth…. I told ya it was raining!


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As ‘Ham n Eggs’ theme park opens to the public, complete with dry dock and stuffed animals ( he obviously cant be trusted with real animals), it takes me back to a piece  I wrote a while back for Andy..

you can read it here…

Cyber Atheist

img_6731This is a guest post by Secular Scarlet, whose fantastic blog can be found here.

I have always had a fascination for ancient mythology and how through the ages it is altered to suit the peoples of that area. One such famous myth is The Great Flood. To the western religious majority, this of course means the Biblical flood with the lead role being played by Russell Crowe, erm , sorry I mean Noah!

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My Tears Took Me By Surprise Today…



imageMy tears, took me somewhat by surprise today…

Anyone lucky enough to enjoy the last few days of beautiful sunshine, will probably have been if lucky, like me, able to spend the last few days outside in their gardens. For those less lucky a few uncomfortable working days.

I had had a few horrible days at work in which I don’t really feel the need to go into, but included a Muslim work colleague with a leaning towards mysogynistic behaviours, culminating  in a formal complaint about said colleague. So the last few days of complete relaxation and beautiful weather added to my calm enjoyment of my own space. Continue reading

Reverse Conversion… Guest Post by @GrahamJayGee


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I always find it fascinating yet humbling when a dear friend decides to share his story with me. Although I was aware of his previous theist belief, I admit it was a surprise to discover how deeply he was immersed in the daily rituals of that belief system. And so, without further ado, please enjoy his journey .This is a guest post by @GrahamJayGee. Continue reading

The Age of Genius…


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image“If you step outside on a warm clear night and look up, what do you see? Imagine answering that question 400 years ago. What did people see then, gazing at the stars? It is remarkable that in seeing the same thing we see today, they nevertheless saw a different universe with a completely different set of meanings both in itself and for their own personal lives. This marks a highly significant fact: that at the beginning of the seventeenth century the mind – the mentality, the world-view – of our best-educated and most thoughtful forbears was still fundamentally continuous with that of their own antique and medieval predecessors; but by the end of that century it had become modern. This striking fact means that the seventeenth century is a very special period in human history”

– A C Grayling

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